Legacy Amateur Series Recap and Photos (1/21/12)

Written By: AJ Hoffman

Legacy Amateur Series put on another outstanding show Saturday night, with 15 fights and 4 title fights. It was  a night full of submissions, as well as questionable work from the judges and referees. A recap of the night and some select pics are below. We’ll have a full photo gallery up in the next 24-48 hours.


Robert Yamashita took a back and forth fight with a triangle/armbar late in the third round to capture the 185 pound title. Yamashita worked takedowns and his submission game for most of the fight. Cummins fought hard though, even scoring an impressive sweep on the Elite MMA brown belt. The second round had a few highlights for Cummins, but he could never quite finish Yamashita. The win moves Yamashita to 2-0. He also earned the Made to Win Submission of the Night for his effort.



Julian Vega won the 155 lb. title. There was no controversy as to who should have WON the fight. Vega worked his takedown game early on and was relentless in trying for submissions. In the first round Vega had a deep arm bar locked on when the referee broke them apart, presumably because of a tap. However, the ref changed his mind and restarted the fighters with Vega on bottom. The entire arena was confused, and the fight was forced to a second round. Vega wouldn’t let it be up for debate a second time, as he grabbed an arm bar once again and forced the tap.


Arguably the closest fight of the night came in the 135 lb. title fight between Roberto Sanchez and Ramiro Cortina. The fight was back and forth throughout. Both guys landed some solid standup, and both guys scored takedowns multiple times in the fight. Cortina was able to use his strength to keep the fight in the clinch and get takedowns at the end of rounds, but Sanchez was scoring early takedowns and holding the bigger Cortina down. In the end, the judges scored it 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28 for Sanchez, who left with the 135 lb. belt.


We all knew this was a fight of the night candidate, and by the end it actually did earn the Made to Win Fight of the Night honor. Ricky Turcios was able to avoid countless submission attempts from Ryan Hollis. Turcios never had much of a chance to use his standup, and in fact jumped into the guard of Hollis on several occasions. Turcios being on top for the majority of the fight apparently did it for the judges, despite the submission threats from Hollis, and all judges scored the fight 30-27 for Turcios. Turcios became the 125 lb. champion with the win.


Jacob Silva def. Hugo De La Fuente by TKO (RD 3)  Made to Win Knockout of the Night

James Powell def. Ricardo Perez by Submission (RD 1)

Aaron Reeves def. John Paul Moreno by Unanimous Decision

Omar Hillail def. Raul Rodriguez by Unanimous Decision

Mike Trinh def. Eric Hendon by Unanimous Decision

Angeleus McFarlane def. Roceal Houston by Submission (RD 2)

Leroy Vasquez def. Tien Nguyen by Submission (RD 3)

John Gorrell def. Brandon Hanna by Split Decision

Eric Valdez def. Chris Torenero by Submission (RD 2)

Mike Eaglin def. Jacob Elliot by Submission (RD 1)

Luis Lara def. Marcus St. Germaine by Submission (RD 2)