Live Coverage: IXFA 6 – February 26, 2011

Title: IXFA 6
Location: Verizon Wireless Theatre
Date: February 26, 2011 7:30pm

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TCD Fight Awards
Fight of the Night Shawn Machado vs Tony Orozco
Knockout of the Night Marc Ramirez
Submission of the Night Andrew Craig

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!

Ooooooooooooook peeps, Captain Ragan is at the pilot’s seat for a while, so grab your beverage and get ready for some amusing, yet informative, content…


Alex Black vs Gilbert Jiminez

Alex Black Alex Black Name Gilbert Jiminez Gilbert Jiminez
6’0″ / 143lbs Ht/Wt 5’7″ / 155lbs
#2 Rank Not Ranked
1-0-0 Record 4-2-0
Bushi Ban – World Headquarters Gym Texas Punishment Crew
KO of the Night Cand.

Alex Black is in the cage, Jimenez is walking out…

Jimenez pacing the cage, earning his nickname as “The Pitbull”…pacing back and forth as Alex stares across the cage…here we go…

Rd1:  No glove touch as both fighters circle the cage.  Jimenez DROPS Black with a HUGE right, jumps on top and starts delivering BOMBS!!!  Black is doing a good job defending…Jimenez connects BIG!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOMSHAKALA!!!! The fight is OVER!  Quick.  It looked like Alex was defending himself pretty good but the ref wanted to avoid more damage as Jimenez continues to attack, again earning his “Pitbull” name.  He is ferocious!!!! Grrrrrrrr….

WINNER  Gilbert Jimenez at “Real Early” in the first round by TKO!!!

Terrance Ferguson vs Joshua Foster

Terrance Ferguson Terrance Ferguson Name Joshua Foster Joshua Foster
5’10″ / 185lbs Ht/Wt 6’3″ / 205lbs
#6 Rank #9
1-0-0 Record 2-2-0
West Side MMA Gym No Gym on File
KO of the Night Cand.

Daaaaaaaaaaaamn, that was a CRAZY start to the night of festivities…one word, “FK’N WOW”.  And we had our first Boomshakalaka…

Ok, wasting no time, Terrance is in the cage as Josh walks out.  Terrance is looking very calm and ready for this gladitorial battle (trademarked by the announcer)…Josh is now in the cage…this is two BIG 185’s…ought to be a war!

Rd1:  Fighters don’t touch as Terrance DRIVES Josh into the cage, damn near spilling my water…bastards…Josh pulls full guard on Terrance but continues to to rain down big punches…Terrance passes to side control, still landing some great shots.  Josh calls out that Terrance is holding the fence, but that doesn’t change anything.  Not sure if that was a cry for help or not.  HOLY SHIT!!!  Terrance gets scooped up by Josh and ends up doing a cartwheel, courtesy of Mr. Foster!!!  Terrance went for a ride as the crowd goes nuts.  Terrance does a great job at defending as both fighters scramble to their feet.  Josh secures a takedown but Terrance is in control and not taking any damage.  The round ends as Josh lands a couple of really nice rights…hard round to call, going to 2nd.

Rd2:  Fighters start slowly as the round begins.  Terrance lands a nice leg kick, followed by a nice leg kick from Josh, but he gets a little greedy and tries a 2nd, caught by Terrance, who slams Josh to the mat.  Terrance is in control, working punches and elbows from half guard, does a great transition as Josh moves and takes Josh’s back.  Josh immediately reverses and ends up in the guard of Terrance.  Josh lands a right….THEN A RIGHT….THEN A LEFT…THEN A RIGHT…Terrance is completely out…stop the damn fight!!!  Finally, the fight is stopped as Josh delivers blow after blow.  This is bad, really bad.  People are rushed into the cage now, Fight Medix (the best in the business) has taken control of the cage. Terrance is strapped to the board and headed to the ambulance.

WINNER Josh Foster by KO mid 2nd.  Those were some serious bombs delivered by Josh.  Terrance is still on the mat.  They’re strapping him to the board now and he’s definitely going to the hospital.  Fight lasted a few punches too long…

Pat Bierschwale vs Jeremy Morris

Craig Gardner Pat Bierschwale Name Jeremy Morris Jeremy Morris
5’10″ / 185lbs Ht/Wt 5’9″ / 170lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
0-0-0 Record 1-0-0
West Side MMA Gym 646 MMA

Pat is in the cage, walking out to Mr. Barry’s famous video song that made him worldly famous.  B3’s Pat Bierschwale looking very confident and relaxed as he makes his pro debut.  Jeremy walking out to some nice head bobbin rock, if there is such a thing…

Rd1:  First round starts with a glove touch, showing respect.  The Bison looks to start early, throwing  a few jabs then securing the takedown against Jeremy.  Pat is defending the triangle attempts by Jeremy very nicely as he transitions to half guard.  This is more of a chess game between these two ground veterans as they continue to try and out think the other with the next move.  Pat continues to transition from guard, to half guard, followed by Jeremy putting him back in guard.  Crowd is booing, and I hate that shit.  Understand what is going on before booing…sorry.  Ok, the ref listens to the crowd, standing the fighters up.  Jeremy throws a front kick, caught by Pat who immediately throws a right to temporarily back Jeremy against the cage.  The fighters scramble as the bell sounds, while Jeremy tries to secure a guillotine.  Great first round, I’m calling it 10-9 for Pat, but it was too close to be sure.  Going to 2nd…

Rd2:  The 2nd round starts with both fighters looking ready for war.  Another glove touch as they meet in the center.  Jeremy throws a head kick, missing barely.  Pat circles but ends up taking a few minor shots that gets the crowd excited.  Jeremy throws another body kick that is caught by Pat, immediately throwing Jeremy to the ground.  Someone in Jeremy’s corner needs to tell him he’s 0-3 on leg kicks and has ended on his back each time.  Back to the action…Pat has Jeremy pressed against the cage, battling for position as Jeremy seems to look for a kamura.  The action is reset in the center as Jeremy lands a nice kick, then a HUGE right, causing Pat to shoot in.  Jeremy stuffs the shot and ends up taking the back of Pat, going for a RNC.  Pat has recovered from the punch and has worked all the way back to in dominate position, taking side control on Jeremy as the sound of the bell of the end of the 2nd is heard.  I give that round to Jeremy 10-9.  Going to 3rd…

Rd3:  Round 3 starts a little slower with both fighters planning their attack.  Pat is in the middle of the cage as Jeremy circles on the outside.  Jeremy lands a good 1-2 combo then a nice head kick but doesn’t phase Pat.  Jeremy attempts…another leg kick…which is caught by Pat.  Guess what?  Pat brings him to the ground again.  Pat is now in dominant side position, delivering some BIG knees to Jeremy’s side.  More planning as both fighters work for position.  Pat is still in dominant side control, landing knees and a few short elbows as Jeremy throws a few “jackoff elbows” (trademarked by Andrew Craig).  The sound of the bell ending the 3rd round comes with Pat still in side control.  I have this round scored 10-9 for Pat.  That makes it 29-28 on my imaginary card, but lets see what the pro’s have…

WINNER Fight 3…split decision, someone always gets screwed. Pat Bierschwale wins via split decision over Jeremy Morris!!!

5 minute intermission…go pee pee and get another cocktail and I’ll be back in the captains seat shortly….

UPDATE: Terrance Ferguson has been sent to the hospital. Source: Adam Villareal (ESPN 97.5’s In The Cage) All of us at TCD hope Mr. T is going to be OK!!

Tony Orozco vs Shawn Machado

Gilbert Jiminez Tony Orozco Name Shawn Machado Shawn Machado
5’8″ / 170lbs Ht/Wt 5’8″ / 170lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
0-0-0 Record 1-0-0
Silverback Fight Club Gym Hoger MMA

Ok, we’re baaaaaaaaaack.  I will go on record RIGHT NOW saying that Tony Orozco has the BEST walkout that I’ve seen in a long time.  Absolutely LOVE it!!!  It’s been a few minutes and he’s still waiting to get in the cage.  This fight will be between two guys that I don’t like.  The reason why I don’t like is because they’re both around my age but make me look like a fat slob.  These two sexy bastards!!!  In all seriousness, these are two great guys and this will be a fight that I think people will talk about for a long time.  Machado is now stepping in the cage, looking equally ripped…and here we go…OH SNAP…Tony walks to the center of the cage, followed by Shawn meeting him in the center…as the announcer is still trying to talk.  Both fighters are nose to nose and have to be separated!!!

Rd1:  Round starts with fighters actually touching gloves.  They meet in the center of the cage with Shawn landing a short  leg kick.  Tony follows with a kick that also lands.   HERE WE GO!!!! Tony lands a few BOMBS!!!  They are exchanging like heavyweight fighters…with Tony getting the best of it…Tony lands another strong right….OH…Shawn lands a strong right that drops Tony.  Shawn jumps on him but can’t finish.  Both are recovered and now Shawn is dropping HUUUUUUUUUUUGE bombs…Tony is in trouble as the ref is getting ready to jump in…and just like that, it’s over.  The referee stops the fight close to the end of the 1st with Shawn finishing the fight with nice combos.

WINNER Shawn Machado via TKO close to the end of the 1st round.  UNBELIEVABLE ACTION by both guys.  Tony…you have the heart of a champion.  Shawn, VERY nice display of power!

UPDATE: Tony Orozco dislocated his shoulder during the fight.

Jason Sullivan vs Jared Taylor

Jason Sullivan Jason Sullivan Name Jared Taylor Jared Taylor
6’2″ / 210lbs Ht/Wt 6’4″ / 220lbs
#10 Rank #8
1-1-0 Record 5-7-0
American Combative Systems Gym No Gym on File
KO of the Night Cand.

Great display of pure CLASS by both Shawn Machado and Tony Orozco in the cage after that previous fight.  MUCH respect to those guys.  Ok, on to the next one…and to think we haven’t had an Eminem song yet…please God don’t let those words jinx me…

For this fight, they will be referred to as Sully and Taylor, my fingers are lazy.  Sully is walking to the cage, looking in the best shape that I’ve seen him in…Taylor walking to the cage to a cool damn song…The Black Parade.  First time I’ve heard that as a walkout song.  These two dudes are HUGE.

Will we see the “spinning back fist”?  Just sayin….

Rd1:  Fighters touch as Taylor throws a spinning kick, missing.  Fighters are now feeling each other out…OH SHIT!!!!!  No they  aren’t….NO THEY AREN’T.  Mr. Spinning Backfist just landed a devastating hook, dropping Sully to the canvas!!!  Just like that, the fight is OVER!!!

WINNER Jared Taylor via KO in 0:24 of first round


Larry Crowe vs Jordan Clissold

Larry Crowe Larry Crowe Name Jordan Clissold Jordan Clissold
5’11″ /205lbs Ht/Wt 6’4″/205lbs
#4 Rank Not Ranked
2-1-0 Record 1-2-0
Silverback Fight Club Gym Urban Jungle Self Defense

Rd1: Larry lands a nice combo that drives Clissold to the fence. Clissold responds with a leg kick that can be heard outside the building. They grapple but neither guy falls. Crowe pushes it to the cage and lands a nice knee. Another leg kick from Clissold. Crowe pushes him to the fence again and Clissold lands a hard right hook. Crowe drops for a take down. He looks hurt. Clissold ties up his head and arm but Larry is up and recovered. Another inside leg kick and Larry again drives him to the fence. Knees to the body and he grabs a guillotine. Clissold shakes it off and the bell sounds.

Rd2: Crowe comes out and scores a quick take down and moves to the back nicely. Lands some big shots but Clissold rolls to half guard. Not much there and the ref restarts them. Clissold clinches and lands two good knees to the body before Crowe shoots in. Clissold sprawls and punishes the body with elbows. Clissold lands a leg kick and Crowe counters with a strong right cross that stuns him. Clissold catches a kick and starts a take down before the bell that is completed after the bell. Another good round.

Rd3: They touch gloves as the round starts. Crowe shoots in as Clissold kicks low and Crowe is hit low. That happened to Larry last time he fought for IXFA. Larry is hurting. They restart and both  guys are swinging hard. Crowe shoots in and Clissold hammers away at the body. Larry not giving up on the double leg and finally scores it. He is in side control but Clissold flips him over and is back to his feet. Crowe leans on Clissold against the fence. Ref restarts them again. Crowe’s hands are down but he again drives Clissold back with punches. Clissold throws Crowe off him as the round ends.

WINNER Larry Crowe via unanimous decision. 30-27, 29-28, 30-27

Marc Ramirez vs Cody Hofstatter

Marc Ramirez Marc Ramirez Name Cody Hofstatter Jordan Clissold
5’9″ / 155lbs Ht/Wt 5’10″ / 155lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
2-1-0 Record 0-1-0
Urban Jungle Self Defense Gym

Rd1: Leg kicks traded by both fighers. Hofstatter reached dangerously with a punch but isn’t punished for it. Ramirez catches a kick and gets a takedown but Hofstatter grabs an ankle. Ramirez scrambles away. They trade knees against the fence and BOOM. Big right hand from Ramirez crumples Hofstatter. Couple of shots and the ref jumps in. Impressive finish for Ramirez.

WINNER Mark Ramirez via TKO (strikes) 1:33 of round 1

Jon Kirk vs Andrew Craig

Jon Kirk Jon Kirk Name Andrew Craig Andrew Craig
El Jaguar Nickname Smiles
6’2″ / 185lbs Ht/Wt 6’1″ / 185lbs
#1 Rank #2
16-8-0 Record 3-0-0
No Gym on File Gym Team Tooke-Houston

Rd1: They touch gloves and Kirk lands an inside kick. They clinch and Craig lands a couple of brutal knees. He shoves him to the fence and scores a take down. Craig is stifled from the top and the ref restarts them. Craig again pressing him to the cage. Kirk grabs a single but great defense from Craig and he shoves Kirk down and is pounding away at the body. Full mount and Craig lands big elbows. Kirk trying to hold Craig against him but Andrew looks great on top. Dominant first round for Craig.

Rd2: Craig grabs a body lock and takes Kirk down again. He is in half guard but landing short punches to the face. Moves to mount Craig rolls over into a triangle and finishes it from his back. Unreal performance for Andrew Craig, who may have just announced himself as the top 185’er in Houston.

WINNER Andrew Craig via submission (triangle) round 2

Ike Villanueva vs Lex Pappas

Ike Villanueva Ike Villanueva Name Lex Pappas Lex Pappas
6’3″ / 205lbs Ht/Wt 6’2″ / 185lbs
#1 Rank Not Ranked
7-4-0 Record 2-3-0
No Gym on File Gym Gold Team Fighters Houston
(Villanueva is current champ.)

Rd1: Ike comes out with heavy leather and has Pappas on the run early. Lex shoots but Ike shoves it away. Right hands are looping and connecting from Villanueva. Good leg kick from Pappas. Villanueva connects with a right that drops Pappas. Two shots on the ground and the ref stops it. Pappas protests, but it’s over.

WINNER Ike Villanueva via TKO (strikes) round 1

Derek Lewis vs Taylor Hebert

Derek Lewis Derek Lewis Name Taylor Hebert Taylor Hebert
The Black Beast Nickname
6’3″ / 246lbs Ht/Wt 6’2″ / 241lbs
#2 Rank #3
3-1-0 Record 1-0-0
Silverback Fight Club Gym Gracie Barra Texas

Rd1: Lewis charges in but Hebert gets a double leg. Lewis looks calm and quickly walks his way up. He whips Hebert to the mat and takes the back. Hebert scrambles into half guard. Lewis smashing him from the top. Hebert pushes away but Lewis sprawls out on him. Hebert rolls to his back and Lewis lands heavy from the top. Referee jumps in after a few shots and calls an end to it. Lewis is the heavyweight champion.

WINNER Derek Lewis via TKO (strikes) round 1