IXFA 6 Weigh-In pics and results

Written By: Barry Laminack

Beer. Wings. Dude in their Undies.

What are all things that could be seen at the Hooters in Seabrook earlier today.

The IXFA held it’s weigh-ins for IXFA 6 at the Hooters in Seabrook today, and TheCageDoor.net was in the house to stream it live and grab some pics. All fighters made weight. It was a close call for Josh Foster who was reported to be 8lbs over. After dawning a sauna suit and sitting in his car with the heater on, he would later weigh in and be 2 pounds under.

I call BS. Sounds to me like somebody read the scale wrong o something got messed up because I don’t see how anyone could cut 10lbs in 3 hours, unless like Rev. Bart said they cut their foot or leg off! Really sucks for Foster, but the show goes on and all fighters will get to fight

There are a few tickets still available over at IXFA.tv, but if you can’t make it our for what ever reason you can follow our live round by round coverage HERE, or on Twitter HERE, or sign up to get results texted to your phone HERE.

Enjoy the pics and we’ll see you at the fights!

Alex Black vs Gilbert Jiminez

Terrance Ferguson vs Joshua Foster

Jason Sullivan vs Jared Taylor

Larry Crowe vs Jordan Clissold

Marc Ramirez vs Cody Hofstatter

Pat Bierschwale vs Jeremy Morris

Tony Orozco vs Shawn Machado

Jon Kirk vs Andrew Craig

Ike Villanueva vs Lex Pappas

Derek Lewis vs Taylor Hebert