IXFA 7: Live Coverage and Results


Title: IXFA 7
Location: Nutty Jerry’s (Winnie, Tx)
Date: April 23, 2011 8:00pm

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Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!





Lester Batres vs Evan Cutts

Lester Batres Lester Batres Name Evan Cutts Evan Cutts
6’0″ / 168lbs Ht/Wt 6’1″ / 170lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
0-0-0 Record 0-0-0
Paradigm Training Center Gym Fitness Fight Factory

Rd1: Both fighters debuting. Batres throws a front kick early and Cutts grabs a body lock. He lands a knee and scores a take down. Batres is active from the guard. Cutts mounts temporarily but Batres wall-walks up. Cutts drops again for a take down but Batres is fighting it off with elbows to the back. Cutts gets another take down and lands in side control. He moves quickly to the back as Batres tries to stand. Cutts pushes for a rear naked choke. Batres fights it, but it is locked in and Batres taps as Cutts falls to his back.


Mark Garcia vs Alden Herbert

Alden Herbert Mark Garcia Name Alden Herbert Alden Herbert
Kant Get Right Nickname
6’0″ / 168lbs Ht/Wt 5’8″ / 147lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
2-2-0 Record 3-0-0
Kingwood MMA Gym No Gym on File

Rd1: Garcia comes out with a left head kick. Herbert gets a take down and Garcia is immediately working on and arm. Garcia sweeps and lands some good punches to the face before standing back up. Herbert gets another take down and lands an accidental head butt. The referee stands them up, and Herbert doesn’t like it. Herbert with another take down. Good ground and pound as he moves to take Garcia’s back. Landing good punches and elbows and works for an arm bar as the bell rings. Great action in the first round.

Rd2: Garcia throws another head kick and this time Herbert answers it with a good left hand. Herbert with another take down against the cage. Herbert moves to the back, locks in a rear naked choke and forces the tap from Garcia.


Rashon Lewis vs Justin Murray

Rashon Lewis Rashon Lewis Name Justin Murray Justin Murray
5’11″ / 168lbs Ht/Wt 6’0″ / 170lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
1-0-0 Record 2-1-0
Paradigm Training Center Gym Bushi Ban – World Headquarters

Rd1: Rashon lands a nice left hook to the ear early. Murray rushes in for a shot and the two exchange knees on the break. Murray swings and misses with a couple of kicks. Lewis swings for another left hook and Murray ducks under and gets a take down. Lewis is up but Murray locks onto his back. Murray pulls him down but Lewis springs up instantly. They are against the fence and Murray gets another double leg. Murray has Lewis in a crucifix and is landing elbows but Rashon explodes out and they are back on their feet. A looping right hand clips Murray, but he doesn’t back off. Murray shoots but Lewis shucks it off. Lewis slips but is back up quickly and the bell ends the round.

Rd2: Leg kick starts the round for Lewis. Spinning back kick to the body by Lewis comes about an inch short of causing some real damage. Murray shoots and Lewis backs away and lands a good one-two on the way out. Murray keeps looking for a shot and Lewis has his timing down and is landing after every shot. Lewis swinging for the fences and just missing Murray. Murray throws a good right hand and a leg kick. Another spinning back kick and a left hand from Lewis. Murray catches Lewis on a shot attempt and has the head and arm. Now just a head as he pushes it against the cage. Murray is cranking but Lewis survives the round.

Rd3: Lewis swings and misses and Murray lands. It draws a reaction from the crowd but Lewis says “no”. Lewis is swinging hard and landing, but nothing to the head. Murray shoots and pushes him across the cage into the fence. Big overhand rights from Lewis are getting through. Murray pushes for a late take down and gets it. He locks on another guillotine but Lewis powers out of it. Murray is in the mount and throwing punches as the round ends. Good action throughout the fight. Never expected that to go the distance, but it was a great fight.


Joshua Foster vs Edgar Verdin

Joshua Foster Joshua Foster Name Edgar Verdin Edgar Verdin
6’3″ / 205lbs Ht/Wt 6’1″ / 205lbs
#6 Rank Not Ranked
2-2-0 Record 0-1-0
JG “Texas” MMA Academy Gym Submission Boxing Academy

Rd1: Verdin pawing with the jab to find distance. Foster shoots in and picks Verdin up into the air and slams him down. Foster into side control and landing elbows to the body. Foster moves to mount but Verdin sweeps and is in the guard. Foster working for a kimura from the bottom, but Verdin gets the arm loose with some shots to the body. Verdin postures and Foster gets a nice triangle on. Verdin tries to punch his way out, but Foster holds on and forces the tap. Impressive win for Josh Foster.


Lane Yarbrough vs Rey Trujillo

Lane Yarbrough Lane Yarbrough Name Rey Trujillo Rey Trujillo
5’10″ / 155lbs Ht/Wt 5’9″ / 155lbs
Not Ranked Rank #9
10-8-0 Record 8-4-0
Death Row MMA Gym Paradigm Training Center

Rd1: Trujillo throws a leg kick and follows with a side kick to the body. The two clinch up and Yarbrough gets double underhooks against the cage. Trujillo doing a good job of staying on his feet, and he pummels out. The two exchange knees and a knee from Yarbrough lands low on Trujillo. They restart. Yarbrough throws a head kick, and Trujillo lands a punch to the body. Yarbrough scores a takedown, and it looks like he lands a low knee on the ground as the bell sounds. Trujillo noticeably in pain, and Yarbrough receives a warning from the ref.

Rd2: Trujillo comes out aggressive and lands a head kick followed by a body kick and a right hand. Yarbrough looks rocked and Trujillo charges after him. Yarbrough has recovered and they exchange knees against the cage. Trujillo gets a take down against the fence. Trujillo postures and lands ground and pound. He looks for a foot, but Yarbrough grabs one as well. Trujillo rolls away and is back on top. He rolls for an anaconda but loses the grip. Yarbrough is up and pushes Rey against the cage.

Rd3: Yarbrough dives across with a right hand that connects, but doesn’t damage. Trujillo pushes him back against the fence. Yarbrough lands a nice body kick after the break and just misses with a right hand follow up. Trujillo pushes Yarbrough against the cage now, but he reverses and backs Trujillo up. They jockey for position and Trujillo scores a take down. Yarbrough grabs for another foot lock and sweeps to the top. Yarbrough locks on a choke and twists to the back. He gets the hooks, but Trujillo survives the round.

WINNER: Lane Yarbrough via Split Decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

Dale Mitchell vs Rakim Cleveland

Dale Mitchell Dale Mitchell Name Rakim Cleveland Rakim Cleveland
6’1″ / 264lbs Ht/Wt 6’3″ / 256lbs
#6 Rank #8
1-3-0 Record 0-1-0
Silverback Fight Club Gym 4oz Fight Club

Rd1: Both guys come in aggressive. Cleveland lands first and Mitchell grabs him and pushes him against the fence. Mitchell gets a take down and is in Cleveland’s guard. Mitchell trying to land from the top but Rakim doesn a good job defending, threatening with an arm bar. Mitchell postures away from danger and works a neck crank. He passes to half guard. Mitchell working a can opener as the round ends.

Rd2: Mitchell rushes Cleveland against the cage and the chain link stretches to it’s limit right above me. Mitchell working for a double leg, but Cleveland is defending nicely. Mitchell lands a solid knee to the thigh, but the action is too slow and the ref restarts them. Cleveland lands a nice left hand that rocks Mitchell. He reaches for a take down but it isn’t there and they restart them once again. Mitchell throws a haymaker that lands. Cleveland pushes him against the cage and lands a hard knee. The ref breaks them again. Cleveland tries a head kick as Mitchell throws an overhand right. Cleveland throws a left body kick and the round lands. Better action than the first, in spite of the quick restarts.

Rd3: Mitchell rushes in and eats a good knee to the body from Cleveland. Neither guy wants to engage and the crowd grows restless. Mitchell throws an overhand right that misses and he gets rewarded with another knee to the body from Cleveland. Cleveland lands nice punches and Mitchell lands two good overhand rights. Both guys are exhausted. Cleveland lands a head kick and Mitchell presses him against the fence. H reaches for a double leg, then switches to a single. Back to a double leg, and he finally pulls him down, but Cleveland is on top. Only temporarily as Mitchell is in a good position but not doing anything with it. Round ends. Gonna be a close decision.


Cody Williams vs Gerzan Chaw

Cody Williams Cody Williams Name Gerzan Chaw Gerzan Chaw
Wolverine Nickname
5’6″ / 145lbs Ht/Wt 5’8″ / 135lbs
Not Ranked Rank #8
0-0-0 Record 1-1-0
American Top Team Gym Bushi Ban – World Headquarters

Rd1: Chaw lands a good left hand but Williams spins to the back. Chaw quickly out and throws a kick that lands low. Chaw immediately apologizes and Williams recovers quickly. Left kick to the body from Williams and Chaw floors him with a right hand. Williams looked like the lights went out for a second but he fights through punches and gets a take down. Chaw quickly is around to his back though and working for a kimura. They are now standing. Williams still holding on to a single and Chaw still hanging on to an arm. Williams moves to the back and throws Chaw down and starts bringing down punches. Chaw takes them and is STILL hanging on to the arm. Williams takes the back and is again doing damage. Chaw recovers and works into the guard. They are up and Williams suplexes Chaw head over heels as the bell rings. The crowd and myself just went crazy. What a crazy first round.

Rd2: Both guys swinging wildly and landing. Williams takes Chaw down against the cage but Chaw is quickly back up. Williams is swinging HARD and landing about every other shot. He gets a quick double leg and works to side control. He moves to the mount but Chaw slips out the back and Williams dives back on top into side control. Chaw works to guard but Williams is relentless with the ground and pound. Chaw active from the bottom looking to get an arm or a triangle. He is able to spin out of trouble and the round ends.

Rd3: Chaw is bleeding from the side of the head as the round gets underway. Williams backs him to the cage with punches but Chaw drops for a take down. Williams sweeps and gets to Chaw’s back. Immediately he slaps on a rear naked choke and flattens Chaw out. He fights it momentarily but has to tap. Unreal fight!


Brian Lightfoot vs Jared Taylor

Brian Lightfoot Brian Lightfoot Name Jared Taylor Jared Taylor
6’5″ / 205lbs Ht/Wt 6’4″ / 220lbs
#8 Rank #5
2-3-0 Record 5-7-0
Gracie Barra Texas Gym JG “Texas” MMA Academy

Jared Taylor breaks the streak of 7 fights without someone coming out to Eminem. Sigh.

Rd1: Taylor and Lightfoot exchange leg kicks to start the round. Lightfoot pushes Taylor all the way across the cage and has him pressed against the fence. He sweeps him to the mat and is in the mount. Taylor controlling the arms and keeping Lightfoot neutralized. Lightfoot goes for a head and arm choke but Taylor shucks it off. Lightfoot tries to stand up and Taylor grabs a kneebar. He pulls it to the mat but Lightfoot turns his leg out of trouble and is back on top in half guard. Ground and pound from Lightfoot and Taylor gives the back. Vicious punches getting in and Lightfoot rolls for a triangle choke as the round ends.

Rd2: Taylor comes out with a left hand. Lightfoot backs away and lands a spinning back fist. Taylor drops and it looks like he is out. Lightfoot jumps and starts pounding but Taylor has recovered. Taylor rolls over and gets guard. Neither is doing much, and the crowd is growing restless. Not much in the way of action this round in all honesty. Lightfoot held position but didn’t land much, and Taylor looked like he was waiting for a restart that never came.

Rd3: Lightfoot lands a strong inside leg kick. Taylor backs away and grimaces, but Lightfoot doesn’t attack. Lightfoot gets a takedown from a body lock and is in half guard. The ref restarts them, maybe a makeup from last round. Lightfoot gets a quick take down and is back on top in half guard. Taylor holding the head and Lightfoot working the body. Lightfoot takes full mount but Taylor lands the punches from bottom. Lightfoot looking for openings but can’t find them. Fight ends with Lightfoot on top. This one was not the most exciting fight of the night. Expecting a 30-27 Lightfoot decision.


Justin Ledet vs Lex Pappas

Justin Ledet Justin Ledet Name Lex Pappas Lex Pappas
6’4″ / 203lbs Ht/Wt 6’2″ / 185lbs
#3 Rank #10
2-0-0 Record 2-4-0
Submission Boxing Academy Gym Gold Team Fighters Houston

Rd1: Pappas with a leg kick. Pappas shoots for a double and it isn’t there. He switches to a single and Ledet grabs his head. Pappas realizes the danger and tries to pull his elbow up but it is deep. Pappas taps as they fall. Quick finish for Ledet.


Humberto Deleon vs Jimmy Flick (TITLE FIGHT)

Humberto Deleon Humberto Deleon Name Jimmy Flick Jimmy Flick
The Kid Nickname
5’4″ / 125lbs Ht/Wt 5’7″ / 131lbs
#5 Rank Not Ranked
5-4-0 Record 2-0-0
Bushi Ban – World Headquarters Gym No Gym on File

Rd1: Flick charges with punches and the fight spins to the ground with Flick on top in the guard. DeLeon is limiting Flick’s offense but he gets in a couple of elbows. Flick picks him up and pushes DeLeon against the fence. He takes the back as DeLeon stands but the bell rings seconds later. A lot of battling for position in the guard that round. Flick controlled the action though.

Rd2: Flick shoots in and gets the takedown but DeLeon has a guillotine. Flick calmly walks him over to the fence and frees his head. DeLeon has half guard momentarily but Flick moves to his back. Knees to the thigh from Flick but he works his way up. Flick picks him up and slams DeLeon hard to the mat. DeLeon has guard though. Flick landing good punches from the top. DeLeon throws his legs up and traps an arm but the bell ends the second round.

Rd3: Flick gets a take down against the fence and works his way to the back. DeLeon is on his knees and Flick is landing punches. Not enough and the ref starts it over. Flick is caught off balance and is momentarily dropped. DeLeon rushes in but Flick is recovered and is on top of DeLeon. Flick has a head and arm choke, deep. DeLeon hears the 10 second clap and hangs on for the bell.

Rd4: Flick pushes it against the cage and gets another take down. He is in side control, but DeLeon is still stifling his offense. As I type that, Flick moves to side control and quickly takes the back and flattens DeLeon out. Flick has a body triangle and is landing good ground and pound. DeLeon breaks the body triangle but Flick still has hooks in. More ground and pound as the round ends.

Rd5: DeLeon throws a big hook that lands flush. Flick shoots but again he has Flicks head. Flick pulls his elbow off and works from DeLeon’s half guard. DeLeon works to full guard. Flick passes to side control and DeLeon grabs on to a guillotine. Gonna be tough to finish from there. Flick holds him down until the round ends. Should be a clean sweep for Flick, who controlled the fight with his wrestling.