IXFA – December 04, 2010

Title: IXFA

Location: Verizon Wireless Theater

Date: December 04, 2010

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TCD Fight Awards
Fight of the Night Adam Schindler vs Marc Ramirez
Knockout of the Night None
Submission of the Night Domingo Pilarte

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!

Hey guys, this is Barry.  We’ll be getting started shortly.  The fans are filing in.

Ragan is in the back warming up his fingers…yeah, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Stay tuned!!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah boy, the captain is here…time to grab a beverage, sit back and get ready for the fresh sounds of DJ Rags and his play-by-play…

I just got the walkout music order…guess what??? Sonofabitch, if it ain’t Eminem as the FIRST song.  Sorry Pilarte, you start the fight -1…

Just got the 10 minute warning from the announcer…that was about 2 minutes ago, so according to my mental clock, we should have about 8 minutes.

Ok…the lights are out and the announcer is circling the cage…here we go…this announcer is the REAL DEAL.  The REEEEEEEAL DEAL….let the beatings begin…WTH.

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Gerzan Chaw vs Domingo Pilarte

Gerzan Chaw CardMaker Gerzan Chaw Name Domingo Pilarte fpic ComingSoon CardMaker
Nickname El Nino
5’8″ / 135lbs Ht/Wt 6’0″ / 145lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
1-0-0 Record 1-0-0
Bushi Ban – World Headquarters Gym Revolution

Here we go…Pilarte is coming out now…guess what song?  Yep, Eminem.  He has already lost 1 cool point.  Nice hat Domingo…:).  B3’s Jenna Johnson circles the cage with the 1st Round marker as Gerzan enters the cage…it’s time to get the party started.

Rd1: The opening bell starts, fighters touch and both circle, looking to feel the other out…that sounds kinda bad…BOOMSHAKALAKA, Pilarte DROPS Gerzan with a crazy right hand, but Gerzan recoups very quickly.  Fighters scramble and Gerzan goes for a quick submission but is unsuccessful.  Gerzan then picks up Pilarte, carries him to his corner and SLAMS him to the canvas.  Gerzan is RAINING down serious blows, landing one after another.  Gerzan is hurting Pilarte with each and every punch.  Pliarte tries an upkick which is unsuccessful, but backs Gerzan off a bit.  Gerzan rains down another crazy hook and follows by jumping into full mount.  As the hammer sounds, Gerzan lands blow after blow.  The round comes to an end with AWESOME sportsmanship, Gerzan helping Pilarte to his feet as both fighters have a smile on their face…going to the 2nd round with Gerzan up 10-9.

Rd2:Round 2 starts a bit slow, fighters touch gloves, Pilarte throws a left jab, followed by a strong hook by Gerzan.  OH SNAP, the lights just went out…WTH??? Gerzan backs up and allows Pilarte to stand and reset as the lights come back on.  Gerzan lands a strong leg kick that spins Pilarte around.  Pilarte is now on his back as Gerzan continues to drop bombs.  Pilarte throws a quick uppercut that lands flush on Gerzan’s chin, busting his mouth wide open, but he is still unphased.  The fighters both go to the ground as Pilarte does his Kool Moe Dee impression and spins into a DOUBLE ARMBAR.  OH DAMN!!! That was crazy, some cool breakdancing moves….Gerzan is stuck and is forced to tap due to a DOUBLE ARMBAR…

WINNER: Domingo Pilarte via armbar around 2:00 in the 2nd round.

Chad Cook vs Ruben Davila

fpic ComingSoon CardMaker Chad Cook Name Ruben Davila
6’0″ / 205lbs Ht/Wt 5’11″ / 220lbs
#3 Rank Not Ranked
8-9-0 Record 1-1-0
No Gym on File Gym No Gym on File

Ok, had a little technical difficulty, but here we go…

Rd1: Round 1 starts slow, with both fighters feeling the other out.  Fighters exchange jabs and continue to circle, just finding range.  Ruben throws an uppercut from Allen Pkwy but it misses, thank goodness cause Cook’s head would have went flying.  It did fan me off some though.  Fans are calling for more action and Cook delivers, shooting in for a double leg and bringing Ruben to the ground.  Cook is in the side control of Ruben, the pace has slowed again.  Cook now transitions nicely after instructions from his corner and goes to full mount.  He is now raining down BOMBS to the head of Ruben as the hammer sounds.  The crowd is now on their feet as Cook delivers BOMB after BOMB as the bell sounds.  Ruben walks to his corner with blood flowing from his right eye.

Rd2: Starts with Cook going for that eye/nose of Ruben.  Looks like the nose is broken on Ruben.  Chad lands a blow then shoots in for the double, as the fighters go to the ground.  Chad is now in side control, using his body weight to keep Ruben on his back.  Chad is landing some nice elbows as Ruben tries to block, but is now doing so with his head.  Chad transitions to full mount after more instructions from Draculino.  Chad is landing BOMBS BOMBS BOMBS…this is getting UGLY!!!! The ref FINALLY jumps in to stop the action as Ruben is bleeding all over the canvas.  BOOMSHAKALAKA for Chad Cook!!!

WINNER Chad Cook via TKO at 1:56 of 2nd Round

Bryan Garcia vs Justin Murray

Bryan Garcia Name Justin Murray
6’0″ / 168lbs Ht/Wt 6’0″ / 170lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
0-1-0 Record 1-0-0
No Gym on File Gym Bushi Ban – World Headquarters

Garcia enters to some nice music…It sure does make me want some chips & salsa, cause I’m starving.  Garcia looks VERY big at 170, impressive…and I can say that, I’m quite comfortable with my sexuality.  Murray wastes no time getting down to the cage, he looks focused and ready to go…ought to be a great fight!!!

Rd1: Fighters meet at the center of the ring, touch gloves and it’s on.  Garcia is bouncing around with Murray seeming to be the one on the offense.  Murray lands a nice 1-2 combo that stuns Garcia quickly.  He responds with a nice combo himself and the fighters scramble to the ground, with Murray ending in side-control.  Murray is trying to work to mount but Garcia is doing great at defending.  Garcia is holding on to an old school headlock as Murray lands a few elbows to the head.  Murray is landing consecutive elbows to the head of Garcia and they seem to be landing flush and doing damage.  The fighters scramble and Garcia attempts a nice armbar but Murray escapes nicely and goes back to side control.  Looks like Murray is trying for a knee to the stomach, but Garcia defends again very nicely.  Murray chooses to stand back up with Garcia on his back.  The hammer sounds as Garcia tries to scramble with Murray landing a RNC as the bell sounds.  A little late though as the bell saves Garcia.  Round ends with Murray dominating the action.  Going to 2nd.

Rd2: Round 2 starts with Garcia trying to jump guard.  Murray catches him like a football and throws him to the ground.  Murray scrambles down and ends in side control, landing some STRONG elbows to the head of Garcia once again.  Dude HAS to have a headache by now…my head hurts just watching.  Murray transitions nicely to a kamura attempt, using his bodyweight to keep Garcia on his back.  Murray throws a knee to the body that lands FLUSH…damn near broke a rib.  Then ANOTHER knee…WOW!!!  That hurts, I will go on record saying that.  Murray then locks up an americana that looks like it will stick….AND IT DOES!!!! Justin Murray nails the keylock, forcing Garcia to tap…

WINNER Justin Murray via keylock submission at 1:57 of 2nd Round

Andrew Craig vs Joshua Foster

Andrew Craig CardMaker Andrew Craig Name Joshua Foster Joshua Foster CardMaker
Smiles Nickname
6’1″ / 185lbs Ht/Wt 6’3″ / 205lbs
Not Ranked Rank #7
2-0-0 Record 2-1-0
Team Tooke-Houston Gym No Gym on File

B3’s Andrew Craig is next to enter the cage.  Looking STRONG and FOCUSED (sorry, I’m biased here…will keep it professional).  Foster enters the cage looking very focused.  This will be a WAR!!!  Team Tooke brought a nice support group, crowd seems to be 90/10 in favor of Craig…

Rd1:No glove touch as the bell sounds.  Foster attempts a superman punch but does nothing.  He has Craig pressed against the fence with a single leg, but cannot get Craig to the ground.  Foster is doing a nice job using his body weight to keep Craig pressed against the cage, but neither fighter is doing any damage.  Craig decides enough is enough and he goes for the standing guillotine, locking it TIGHT as the crowd erupts.  Foster does a nice job of escaping taking as little damage as possible.  Craig drops to the double leg and slams Foster to the ground.  Craig has Foster’s head against the cage, working on position.  Foster is holding the head of Craig, not allowing him to deliver much damage.  Craig postures and delivers a few nice elbows as the hammer sounds.  Foster scrambles but cannot move as Craig continues to keep him on his back as the bell sounds.  Dominating round by Craig, 10-9.

Rd2: Round 2 starts with the fighters meeting in the middle.  Foster throws a nice hook, but Craig blocks it nicely.  Foster is now swinging wildly, hoping one will land flush.  Craig throws a head kick, barely missing.  Craig follows with a 1-2 combo, then leg kick, all landing.  Foster responds with a nice inside leg kick, but does no damage.  Craig is snapping his leg kicks now, doing damage with each one.  Foster shoots in for a double but takes punishment as Craig pushes him away.  Fighters clinch up and Craig uses a foot sweep to bring the fight back to the canvas.  Foster is doing a great job of holding Craig’s head down, but Craig is responding with the famous “body, body, head” combo.  Craig postures and lands a nice hook to the head, followed by 4 straight strong body hooks.  Foster is really just hanging on now, hoping the round ends quickly.  The bell sounds with Craig in complete control, 10-9.

Rd3: Round 3 starts with Foster being more aggressive, knowing he is down on points.  Foster throws a nice head kick but misses.  Craig responds with a 2 punch combo that lands flush.  Foster seems to be gassed as Craig shoots in for a double, transitions to side control, landing a few elbows as he does.  Craig is going for the arm triangle submission but Foster defends nicely.  Fighters scramble back to their knees but Craig shoves Foster back to the canvas.  Craig is landing body blow after body blow.  Foster is bleeding pretty bad as they scramble back to their feet.  Craig is holding the back of Foster and throws him to the ground as the hammer sounds.  Foster is surviving only, waiting for the bell.  The final bell sounds with Craig still in complete control.  10-9 Craig.

WINNER Andrew Craig via Unanimous Decision 30-27 on all cards.

Lee Higgins vs Gilbert Jimenez

Lee Higgins CardMaker Lee Higgins Name Gilbert Jimenez fpic ComingSoon CardMaker
5’10″ / 170lbs Ht/Wt
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
1-0-0 Record 0-0-0
Urban Jungle Self Defense Gym

Well guys, Ragan had to step out so you are stuck with me (Barry).  I haven’t done this in a while so be kind!

Rd1: Quick glove touch and here we go.  Gilbert engages first with a leg kick.  Both fighters just trying to find range.  inside leg kick by Gilbert.  Now against the cage Gilbert is going for a single, but Lee is doing a good job stuffing it. Finally down, Lee dispalys some slick grappling as he ends up on Gilberts back.  dropping elbos like crazy, Lee is warned about he back of the head and coming down with the elbows.  Gilbert is covering nicely, but Lee slips his right arm in and is going for the RNC.  Looks deep, I think Gilbert is going out. Ref stops it.  Nice win for Lee.



WINNER: Lee higgins via RNC at 2:36 in the first.

Jason Sullivan vs Justin Ledet

Jason Sullivan CardMaker Jason Sullivan Name Justin Ledet fpic ComingSoon CardMaker
6’2″ / 210lbs Ht/Wt 6’4″ / 203lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
1-0-0 Record 1-0-0
American Combative Systems Gym Submission Boxing

Ledet looks WAY to happy to be fighting. He’s smiling like a crazy person.

Rd1:Ledet makes a wide circle around the ring as Sullivan stand in the middle and watches.  Ledet moves in throws a few punches that land but don’t do much.  Sully returns fire and move backs Ledet up against the cage.  Ledet has a wizzer as both fighters work the clinch. Nice elbow lands by Sullivan, but Ledet lands a great knee.  Ledet takes the fight to the ground and begins to land punches.  Ledet now working for mount, gets it. Ledet is landing major ground and pound. Ref stops it but ledet doesn’t stop.  Ref is yelling at Ledet and just shoved Ledet into the cage.  Ledet is smiling and laughing while outside the cage a fight almost breaks out between the two corners.



WINNER: Justin Ledet via TKO RSC in the first.

Lane Yarbrough vs Joshua Lee

fpic ComingSoon CardMaker Lane Yarbrough Name Joshua Lee Joshua Lee CardMaker
5’10″ / 155lbs Ht/Wt 5’10″ / 170lbs
#7 Rank Not Ranked
9-8-0 Record 5-10-0
Death Row MMA Gym No Gym on File

Rd1:Here we go. Lee lands a nice leg kick , then both fighters exchange jabs.  Nice lead hook by Lee lands.  Lane shoots but is stuffed by Lee.  Lee with a nice hook to the body. Lane goes for the takedown.  Leed gets his back, rolls him over now working for mount.  3 elbows connect by Lee.  Lee going for the arm bar, but is thrown off by Lane and they both stand.  Lane loops a hook and lLee lands a counter left.  Head kick by Lane lands followed by a superman punch.  Round ends.

Rd2: Good exchange to open the round.  Lane goes for a take down but, like Mike The Truth just said, Lee is country strong.  Working against the cage now.  Lee has his back against it, but spins Lane areound.  A little clinch work and then they seperate.  Crisp counter jab landed by lee .  Both fighters are landing shots now.  Head kick missed by Lane, but the wind felt nice (it’s hot in here).  Lane’s corner is yelling at him “STRAIGHT PUNCHES ONLY”.  Good advice, but the round ends.

Rd3: Straight right lands by Lee.  That was nice.  Lane back up.  Lee with another lead hook followed by a leg kick.  Lane with a leg kick of his own.  HARD kick by Lee to the leg.  Both fighters stil lshowing plenty left in the tank.  Lane shoots in, but it looks like Lee had the same idea.  Scramble on the ground and Lane takes his back.  Lee Is throwing punches over his shoulder.   Lane slips in one arm under the neck of Lee but can’t get the other so he goes back to peppering Lee’s face with short punches.

WINNER: All three Judges have it (29-28) in favor of Lane Yarbrough.

Dwight Gipson vs Reed Shelger

fpic ComingSoon CardMaker Dwight Gipson Name Reed Shelger fpic ComingSoon CardMaker
6’1″ / 205lbs Ht/Wt / 205lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
1-5-0 Record 0-2-0
No Gym on File Gym Paradigm Training Center

Rd1:Reed looks like he’s about to fall asleep.  Here we go.  Reed shoots, no surprise there.  Dwight tries a throw of his own, but Reed counters and just powers Gipson to the mat.  Knee on belly by Shelger, he pins dwight agains the cage.  Dwight give up his back and Reed say thanks as he wraps his arms around Gipson’s neck.  Shelger still trying the RNC. Dwight rolls to his stomach. Reed gets in the hooks (kind of) and tries to flatten him out.  Dwight rolls, Reed goes for an arm as the round ends.

Rd2:There’s the bell, and there’s the shot by Reed. If you had under 2 seconds before he shoots step up to the window and collect your money.  Reed works from the top and is now rape chocking Gipson.  Ref stands em up and warns Reed.  Power slam by Reed, WOW.  Nice GNP by Reed. They stand back up. Reed looks a littel tired.  Gipson lands a nice body shot that back Reed into the cage. Reed gets a slick single as he ducks under a right  hook.  Back on the ground, Reed goes for an arm but doesn’t get it.  GNP as the round ends.

Rd3: HUGE left hook to open the round by Gipson. He’s on top of Reed landing body shots like a wild man.  Reed rolls him to his back. Reed working from guard, Gipson just yelled like tarzan???  Gipson slaps on  a triangle and Reed taps.

WINNER: Dwight Gipson via Triangle at :38 in the third round.

Marc Ramirez vs Adam Schindler – TITLE FIGHT

Marc Ramirez CardMaker Marc Ramirez Name Adam Schindler
5’9″ / 155lbs Ht/Wt 5’8″ / 155lbs
Not Ranked Rank #1
2-0-0 Record 8-1-0
Urban Jungle Self Defense Gym Gracie Barra The Woodlands

New CageDoor rule, any fighter that walks out to an Eminem songs loses a point…sorry Marc.

Rd1: Adam gets the take down early and pins Marc against the cage.  Adam tries to do a little work from side control but Marc moves him back to half guard.  Shindler frees his leg and moveback to the side.  Adam going for the crucifix ala Big Country. Yep, he’s got it. marc tries twice to power out.  That has to have take it’s toll on his stamina and strength.  Adam moves to full mount.  Adam setting up an arm triangle.  Doesn’t get it. Marcs back is covered in blood, not sure where it’s from. They stand back up and Marc rocks Adam.  Adam looks hurt.  More shots landing by Marc.  Adam back peddles, does down, marc pounces. Bell rings.

Rd2:Adam’s face is bloody. Adam lands a head kick, countered by marc.  That shot looks like it could have hurt adam again, but like a true wrestlere, he instantly drops to a single.  Now on the mat, Adam is working for a guillatine chocke.  blood all over his arm from Marcs face. MAN, that looked deep but somehow Marc gets out and the crowd AHHS when he does.  HOLY SHIT, I don’t know how, but marc just jumped to his feet and started landed blow after blow on Adam. Adam backs up and decides he wants to return the favor and throws a few hay makers of his own.  Both fighters look they have been bobbing for apples in a bucket of blood. Round ends. WHAT A WAR!

Rd3:Both fighers a little cautious to start the round.  Marc appears to be cut on the back of his head.  Adam ducks under a left and goes for a single.  Adam is determined to get that leg, but Marc keeps pulling away.  Adam looks tired. stiff right by Marc lands, follwed by body kick.  Adam is exhausted but Marc can’t capitalize because he looks drained too.  Both fighters are breathing heavy, mouths open.  Left hook by Adam, jab by Marc. leg kick by Marc to end the round.

Rd4: Nice kick by Adam to open the round. Both fighter still gassed and measuring.  shot by Adam but I think mark is too slippery to go down via a single, he’s just pulling his leg out.  Marc agains the cage, Adam goes for a double.  Lots of swelling around Adam’s left eye.  Looping punches miss by both fighters.  Schindler is tired, misses a shot as Marc just refuses to go down.  Adam ends up getting Marc’s back, but might be too tired to do anything with it.  Round ends agains the cage.

Rd5: Looks like both fighters got a second wind.  nice uppercut by marc. Good jab by Adam followed by a leg kick. Once again, Adam goes for a singel but Marc is to sweaty and pulls his leg out.  Crowd chanting Adam and Mongoose at the same time! Adam moves Marc against the cage. Marc trying for double underhooks but adam drops down for a double.  Marc starts to pepper the side of his head with elbows.  Nice leg sweep by Schindler as the go to the ground.  Adam in half guard.  Adam able to do a little work, but not much.  Both fighters ride it out as the bell rings.

This might be a close one…

WINNER: Split Decision win for Adam Schindler!

My hat goes off to Marc Ramirez. He said he wanted to make a name for himself in this fight…and he did. WOW! What a fight!

BTW – YES, we have all five rounds on video…and YES they will be available on the site early next week!

Brian Lightfoot vs Ike Villanueva – TITLE FIGHT

Brian Lightfoot CardMaker Brian Lightfoot Name Ike Villanueva Ike Villanueva CardMaker
6’5″ / 205lbs Ht/Wt 6’3″ / 205lbs
#2 Rank #4
2-2-0 Record 6-4-0
Gracie Barra Texas Gym No Gym on File

I’m going to turn it over to Lance so I can grab some pics of this last fight. enjoy!

Rd1:Alright fight fans, we’re in for a blaster of a fight! Two of Houstons greatest warriors are in the cage!Bell sounds, lightfoot circles, they close to a clinch, ike has him on the fence, lightfoot reverses…lightfoot throws a kick… ike gets clipped in the crown jewels… a few  blows… ike catches a kick…drops him… lightfoot shoots… ike pounds him again and again…fast hard blows…its all over!!!! Villenueva wins…ref stops it!!!

WINNER: Ike Villanueva via TKO RSC at 1:36 in the first.