Double Hitter: Recap


They say things are always done bigger in Texas and Saturdays Double Hitter at the Crockett Center in Austin was no exception to the rule. Over 400 competitors participated in the first joint venture from Fight To Win and World Grappling Circuit, easily making it the largest grappling event ever held in Austin.

The morning started with the 2010 Century Grappling Championship and everywhere we turned there was action. With 8 mats going at the same time the action flowed very quickly and there never seemed to be a lack of movement on the mats. Houston had a strong showing with Ground Dwellers, Westside MMA, Sugarland MMA, Elite MMA and Gracie Barra all represented. The kids division was one of the biggest I have seen and with gi and nogi available to the entrants, there was something for everyone.


When you signed up to compete in the grappling tourney you were given a ticket for the Capitol Punishment MMA event held later that night in the same arena. There were 14 fights on the card and everyone was an entertaining battle. Steven Lords out of Gracie Barra The Woodlands got the night started off right for Houston with a hard fought win by RNC in the second round. The night had many great fights including the 155 Title fight between Christopher Schickner from Grapplers Lair and Rob Butler from Salansang Fighting System. This was a 3 round war that had many back and forth moments with Rob Butler coming out on top with a Majority Decision to claim the title. The main even of the night showcased JJ Holmes from Mohlers BBJ vs Houston’s own Terrance Ferguson from Westside MMA for the 185lb Title. As the two time Texas State wrestling champ it was no secret JJ wanted this fight to get to the ground and when Terrance reached out and landed a big right to start the fight, JJ decided he wanted none of the power of Terrance and he took the fight straight to the ground. This scenario repeated itself through out the fight with Terrance landing a few shots on the feet and JJ taking it right to the ground. JJ threatened with many submissions each round but Terrance was able to fight out of each of them. Terrance fought a hard fight and showed great defense on the ground but could not keep it standing long enough to earn the win. JJ used his great wrestling and slick sub attempts to gain the Unanimous Decision and the 185lb title.


Overall this was a great event with everything that an MMA fan or a grappling enthusiast could ask for. Two events for the price of one cannot be beat and with the level of competition in both events, this is going to be a highly attended event for a long time coming. Seth and Brett did a great job handling the small issues that came up with combining two events in the same day and they definitely took a huge step forward with this dual event. Fight To Win and World Grappling Circuit are headed in the right direction with this collaboration and I can’t wait for the next event.