Cage Combat 5- Live Coverage and Play by Play

Title: Cage Combat 5
Location: Humble Civic Center (Humble, Tx)
Date: September 2, 2011 8pm (Doors open at 7pm)

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Colin Wright vs Tony Orozco Jr.
G Moreira
Chris Sutton and Joe Trevino
The Shame on You Award TBD (Probably Miss Castillo)

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


Leroy Shafer VS. Robert Herrera

Rd 1: Herrera kicks first but is short. Shafer catches a kick and unloads with a right. He puts him down and starts the ground and pound . He takes a bit of punishment but Herrera works to his feet. Another kick caught by Shafer and he works the body. Herrera with a flurry to back him away. Lefts and rights land for Shafer but Herrera scrambles away from the blows. Another Herrera kick comes up short just before the round ends.

Rd 2: Shafer witha flurry of kicks before unleashing his hands. He is landing solid. Herrera tries for a knee but Shafer is getting the better of him on their feet. As I type that Herrera kicks a leg out from under him and charges. Shafer throws his hands and backs Herrera to the cage. He works a takedown but it isn’t there and they reset. Shafer tries for another takedown. It isn’t there but he lets the hands go again. He is landing at will and winning every exchange. Shafer stalking him with punches as the round ends.

Rd 3: Shafer starts the 3rd with kicks. Herrera is returning but it’s slowing down. Shafer pins him to the cage and starts with the hands again. Herrera backs him off but he looks exhausted. He throws sloppy hooks and Shafer punishes him with counters. Shafer again lands heavy shots against the cage. No answer for Herrera. Shafer should walk out with a lopsided decision win.

Winner: Leroy Shafer wins via U.D. (30-27 X 3)

Jeremy Lieder VS. Chris Sutton

Rd 1: Both guys testing with hands early. Lieder throws a kick that is caught. Sutton with the takedown in Lieder’s guard. Sutton postures and is landing. They scramble up and Lieder goes for a takedown. Sutton grabs a head and arm but Lieder still pushing for it. The ref restarts them. These two are swinging wildly and landing. They back off and go right back at it. Lieder’s eye looks horrible already. Great action in the first round.

Rd 2: Lieder throws a kick to start the round and again it’s caught by Sutton. Sutton puts him down but Lieder reverses. Problem is he is locked into a deep guillotine. He fights it but has to tap. Impressive showing by Sutton.

Rd 3:

Winner: Chris Sutton def. Jeremy Lieder by Submission (Guillotine) RD 2

Jose Martinez VS. Yan Digalov

Rd 1: Martinez aggressive early but Digalov weathers it. Digalov is next to unload and he lands some heavy shots. Martinez grabs for a guillotine but slips off. Digalov punishes but can’t hold him down. Martinez gets a takedown against the cage and starts to work. Digalov up now and unloads again. Martinez goes down and Digalov is pounding away. Martinez is turtled up and eats a big knee to the body. Martinez kicks him off with 10 seconds left and jumps on top. Too late to steal the round but at least made it closer.

Rd 2: They start the second round swinging hands. Martinez hurts Digalov. Then Digalov hurts Martinez. He trips him down and Digalov is on his back. Martinez gets him off but lays back in the BJJ stance, waiting for something. Digalov kicks to the thighs for a while then backs away. The reset and again both guys throw leather. Martinez looks for a standing guillotine but Digalov shucks him off and is on his back again. Rear naked choke is on. The ref comes in and stops it. Joe Soliz says there was no tap but the fighter was gurgling and his eyes were rolling back.

Rd 3:

Winner: Yan Digalov def. Jose Martinez by submission (RNC) RD 2

Jeremy Hunter VS. Brannen Jones

Rd 1: Hunter lands first but Jones looks comfortable. Hunter tries to pull him down but Jones ends up on top. Can’t hold anything and they are back up. Good leg kick by Jones and he shoots in for a takedown. Hunter defends the takedown though and the ref restarts them. Jones lands a nice left and Hunter clinches up. Jones with another takedown but Hunter is right back up. Jones working knees against the cage to the leg and body. Big right hand by Hunter answered by a good left from Jones. Hunter gets a bulldog style headlock but can’t do anything with it. They finish against the cage. Good first round.

Rd 2: Leg kick from Jones and Hunter lands a counter right. Good shot from Jones and he goes for the shot. Arm-in guillotine attempt for Hunter but it isn’t there. Inside leg kick from Jones. They trade hands again and this time Hunter shoots. Jones defends and pins him to the cage. He is unloading big knees to the body. Hunter pushes him off and they are back in the middle. Hunter tries a throw. Jones slips down but is right back up. Again with knees to the body against the cage from Jones. They break and both guys are swinging hands as the round ends. Not short on action.

Rd 3: Jones takes the center. Inside leg kick and he follows up with a right. Hunter lands a right but Jones clinches and again presses him to the cage. The knees are coming fast and furiousnow and Hunter can’t seem to answer. The ref stops it and resets them for some reason…. Hunter ducks under a huge head kick and lands a strong right. Jones grabs a takedown and finishes it. He moves quickly to side control, puts knee on belly and tries to mount. Hunter rolls and reverses but the momentum takes Jones back to the top. This time he gets the mount and grabs an arm. Hunter fights it off initially but Jones adjusts and gets it deep. Knowing the round was ending, Hunter hangs on. Showed some balls there at the end, but don’t think it will win him the decision.

Winner: Brannen Jones def. Jeremy Hunter by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

John Haydon VS. Eric Caminos

Rd 1: Caminos with the stronger standup in the first exchange. Haydon misses with a high kick. Caminos with a kick to the body. He lands a strong jab and backs out of the pocket immediately. Caminos is a giant for 155. Push kick followed by a punch from Caminos. Haydon tries for a knee but can’t land it. He keeps touching his nose like something is wrong with it. Stiff right lands for Haydon. Leg kick for Haydon and Caminos answers with a good body kick. Haydon is going for a knee to the head as the round expires. It doesn’t land but it is a little late. The two hug after the round to show there was no intent.

Rd 2: Both guys landing early in exchanges. Good kicks coming from Haydon to start the round. Good kick to the body from Caminos. Haydon is definitely more aggressive this round. Spinning back kick lands for Haydon to the body. Another good body kick for Caminos. Haydon answers with a hard right hand. Haydon charges with punches and ends the round with Caminos against the cage covering up.

Rd 3: Caminos with a kick to the body that lands but is caught. He clears it though. Haydon misses a spinning back fist. Haydon lands on the body but Caminos responds with an uppercut. More exchanges, and Caminos is winning them. He lands a huge right hand that flattens Haydon. He pounces and unloads with ground and pound. Ref has to stop it. Brutal finish for Caminos.

Winner: Eric Caminos def. John Haydon by TKO (RD 3)


Nelson Rodriguez VS. Jaime Portillo

Rd 1: Rodriguez comes out swinging. They scramble and he ends up on top. He gets mount and is unloading on Portillo. Portillo gives his back and Rodriguez continues to punish. Back to mount and Portillo is overwhelmed. Dominant performance for Rodriguez.

Rd 2:

Rd 3:

Winner: Nelson Rodriguez wins via TKO

James Deherrera VS. Ricardo Delgado

Rd 1: They touch gloves. Delgado throws a left kick that lands flush on the head. Out. OH SHIT! Delgado charged in and soccer kicked him in the head after the fact. He immediately realizes he messed up and drops to his knees. De Herrerra is receiving medical attention. They are going to DQ Delgado here. Tough break.

Rd 2:

Rd 3:

Winner: James De Herrera def. Ricardo Delgado by DQ

James Gonzales VS. Chas Liberty

Rd 1: Good leg kick from Liberty and Gonzalez answers with a right hand that backs him off. Leg kick from Gonzalez. Body lock and takedown by Liberty. He grabs the head and knees the body. They are back up and now Gonzalez presses Liberty against the cage. Knees to the leg and body from Gonzalez. Liberty answers with knees.Gonzalez looks for a takedown and Liberty grabs his head. Gonzalez pops his head out and Liberty has full guard. Liberty going for an arm from bottom but Gonzalez picks him up and slams him off. He quickly transitions to mount and unloads. Liberty quickly works back to guard.

Rd 2: Leg kicks to start the second land solid for Gonzalez. Good right hand lands for Liberty. It stumbles Gonzalez. He lands another right that floors him. One good shot on the ground and Gonzalez is out. That is a big win for Liberty!

Rd 3:

Winner: Chas Liberty def. James Gonzalez by KO (RD 2)

Jared Perez VS. G. Moreira – 170lb TITLE

Rd 1: Inside leg kick slaps for Perez. Moreira lands a right hand and a leg kick of his own. Perez eats a hard right hand and is in trouble. He recovers and scores a takedown into Moreira’s guard. He is landing a little from the top and Moreira is looking for a sub from the bottom. He gets really close with an armbar but Perez gets to safety. Ref starts them over and Moreira lands a solid right hand. Leg kick from Perez ends the first round.

Rd 2: Hard leg kick lands for Perez. Moreira finding the range with his hands. Perez is having to reach with punches. Moreira lands a right hand that floors Perez. He storms with punches but Perez was done before he hit the mat. Ref jumps in. WOW. Moreira is a f**king BEAST.

Rd 3:

Rd 4:

Rd 5

Winner: G Moreira wins by KO (RD 2)

Tony Orozco JR. VS. Colin Wright – 135lb TITLE

Rd 1: The two fighters circle, head kick from Wright. Orozco backs him away with his hands. Good leg kick from Wright.Orozco throws a leg kick and Wright checks. Wright lands to the body. Orozco lands and backs Wright up against the fence. Wright throws a head kick that is blocked. Orozco has Wright pressed against the cage landing knees to the body. Wright lands a knee that separates them. Wright is landing clean but Orozco is absorbing everything. Wright shoots and gets a takedown as the round ends.

Rd 2: Wright lands a hard right hand that backs Orozco up. They scramble and Orozco hip tosses Wright down. Can’t hold him down though and they clinch. Both guys landing. Orozco throws a nice leg kick. Head kick blocked by Orozco. Both these guys are eating heavy shots. Tony shoots but Wright stuffs him back. Tony rolls over and they reset. Wright puts his back to the cage and lands heavy knees. They exchange HEAVY right hands. Wright drives in again and lands a knee to the body. EXTREMELY CLOSE ROUND.

Rd 3: Wright throws a kick and slips. Tony pounces but Wright recovers quickly. Inside leg kick from Orozco. Then to the outside. Wright drives for a takedown and gets it. Orozco eats a couple of punches from bottom before recovering to guard. Orozco with a nice sweep and he is trying to fight through Wright’s half guard. Wright grabs a kimura but can’t stretch it out. Instead he uses it to get his own sweep. Time is up but that was another great round.

Rd 4: Orozco lands a good left hand then a good right. Wright lands a knee that hits low. Orozco drops and we are gonna have a break. They are back and Orozco comes out firing. Orozco catches a kick and pushes Wright down. He lands a couple of shots but Wright is back up. He grabs a clinch and fires a knee. It hits Tony in the jaw and he drops. Ref stops them and the doctors come in to check on Tony. Fight is over. They are saying that Colin wins by TKO. Unfortunate that this will be very controversial.

Rd 5

Winner: Colin Wright via TKO


Jacob Silva VS. Joe Trevino – 125lb TITLE

Rd 1: Silva with a side kick. He kicks the leg and Trevino lands a right hand. Big right misses from Trevino. They clinch and Trevino spins him down. He takes the back and looks for a choke. Silva drops down and lands him on his head. It breaks the choke but doesn’t change the position. Trevino with a shot to the head then he grabs the choke again. This time it’s deep. Silva fighting but stops moving. Quick and impressive win for Joe Trevino.

Rd 2:

Rd 3:

Rd 4:

Rd 5

Winner: Joe Trevino wins via TKO (ref stoppage) at 1:30 in the first.