Cage Combat 2: Live updates and results

Title: Cage Combat 2
Location: Humble Civic Center
Date: March 04, 2011 – Doors open at 7:o0pm

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TCD Fight Awards
Fight of the Night Levi West and Chas Liberty
Knockout of the Night NONE
Submission of the Night Aaron Croon

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!

Helloooooooooooooooo ladies and gentlemen, this is your trusty captain for the ENTIRE evening, Monsieur Ragan McDaniel.  I hope everyone is primed and ready for this exciting fight card tonight.  Anyone ever tried lemonade mixed with Firefly Sweat Tea Vodka?  Good stuff….good stuff.

Anyway, we’re getting close to starting, I see the peeps in the suits all scattering around like mice, so that’s a good sign.  I also heard Mr. Jace Pitre say “we’re ready”, and he seems to think he knows what he’s talking about…so it should be soon…

Ok, National Anthem is happening…here we go…


Garcia is entering the cage as his good ass music comes thru.  Anything other than Eminem works for me…especially some Johnny Casssssh.  Thompson enters to some “I’m gonna kill you” music…again, it’s not Eminem, so we’re good…the 4oz. Gnome is here with me handling the play-by-play, but I do not take any responsibility for what he says or does…just sayin…for this fight, we are going with Garcia and Matt just for reference purposes.

Rd 1: Fighters touch gloves and here we go.  Both fighters circle with Matt landing a left, followed by Garcia with a big right, temporarily dropping Matt.  Garcia scrambles as they come to the feet, a quick exchange ends up with Garcia on the back of Matt, GREAT transition.  Garcia secures a rear naked choke but Matt isn’t tapping and has great hand control.  Matt then escapes and transitions to the full guard of Garcia.  Now Matt is in control landing BOMBS to the ribs of Garcia while in guard.  Ref is telling the fighters to stay busy.  The pace has slowed a bit but Matt still landing the punishing blows.  Garcia is doing a good job of avoiding too much punishment as he tries to slide his hips up for a possible triangle.  Matt lands several rights as the hammer sounds then backs up asking Garcia to stand.  He acknowledges but the bell sounds to end the round.  Easy round scored 10-9 for Matt.

Rd 2: This round starts with the fighters not touching gloves.  Matt throws a head kick followed by Garcia throwing two kicks, landing both.  Matt is stunned a little as Garcia tries to land a few more.  Matt secures a takedown and we’re back on the ground.  Garcia has Matt locked down in full guard, neither fighter doing much damage.  As Matt postures up, Garcia does a good job of grabbing the head and pulling back down.  Still pretty slow as far as action is concerned as the ref stands the fighter up.  A quick exchange and both fighters are circling.  Garcia lands more of the punches and Matt said enough of that crap, shoots in and secures an easy double leg takedown.  He is in the half guard of Garcia, dropping down punches to the ribs.  Matt transitions nicely to mount but Garcia rolls to his stomach with Matt able to take his back.  As the round ends, Matt was beginning to sink in a nice choke.  Another easy round for Matt, 10-9.

Rd 3: Round 3 starts slowly as both fighters circle trying to figure the other out.  Matt goes to his bread and butter, shoots in and is partially stuffed.  Garcia is able to escape to stand but Matt still has one leg.  Garcia is standing looking as Matt holds one leg like he’s a crying kid at daycare.  Matt springs to his knees, jumps in and secures a very nice sweep, ending in the guard of Garcia.  The fighters scramble then end standing again, where Garcia prefers to be.  Both fighters appear gassed at this poinst, a lot of rolling around on the ground will do that.  Garcia is landing some nice shots while standing but Matt decides once again, enough of this shit and shoots in for a double.  He has Garcia pressed against the cage with Garcia standing and Matt still holding both legs.  The hammer sounds with the same position still happening.  As the bell sounds, both fighters stand and show respect to the other.  A nice first fight of the night…I have it 30-27 Matt, let’s see what the judges have…

Winner:  Uh…split decision…Matt Thompson wins via Split Decision.

Here we go, Fight 2…still no Eminem so this is making my night.  This is also the first time I’ve had my son “Bring the Pain” Blaine helping with play-by-play, so I’m really enjoying.

Rd 1: Ok, the first round starts with the fighters feeling each other out, throwing light jabs and circling.  Both guys look nervous, trying to get their cage legs.  Martinez lands a nice leg kick that snaps like a whip.  Hanes tries a leg kick but eats a right hand at the same time.  Martinez seems to have found his range with Hanes still feeling out…hopefully he won’t wait until he’s on his back to get comfortable.  Martinez throws an uppercut, misses, then just falls forward to the canvas, quickly jumping up like “Ya’ll didn’t see that”.  The action has slowed a bit with both fighters throwing one or two punches then circling.  Hanes is looking more comfortable as the round goes on.  Martinez is throwing some BIG hooks now, landing a few but Hanes doesn’t seem in any trouble.  As the round ends, Martinez lands a nice straight but again, neither fighter fighter is hurt.  Easy round for Martinez 10-9.  Did anyone hear Coach Tony yell “Don’t throw it like that, you look like John Marlbrough”….WOW.

Rd 2: Round 2 starts the same, circling and few light punches.  Hanes seems to be content on throwing a left jab and right leg kick then moving.  Martinez has more snap on his kick and throws with more urgency, but neither fighter has hurt the other…as they circle…and circle…Martinez throws another leg kick followed by Hanes throwing…a leg kick…Martinez then leans in and throws a NICE left hook that lands flush on the face of Hanes.  Finally some action!!! Hanes looks a little shaken but is still circling.  Martinez seems to have found his range and is now measuring another hook as Hanes leans in.  Martinez is in complete control so far.  Uh oh, Martinez lands a snapping leg kick and Hanes raises his leg as he walks away, showing that it HURT BAD!!!    That’s a no-no.  Now that leg target just got bigger.  Anyway, the bell sounds for another round dominated by Martinez, 10-9.

Rd 3: Round 3 starts with the fighters touching gloves and a nice leg kick by Martinez.  How is Hanes still walking?  Another leg kick…damn…my leg is starting to hurt.  Hanes answers with a leg kick of his own but Martinez just shakes his head.  Hanes then checks a leg kick, the first time all night.  The fighters continue to use the entire cage as they circle each other not wanting to engage.   Martinez still seems to be in complete control as he snaps another leg kick.  Hanes shows that it is hurting as Martinez rushes him, landing a nice 1-2 combo putting Hanes against the cage.  The crowd comes to their feet as Martinez lands HUGE bombs but Hanes is still standing and trying to move forward.  And now, Hanes moves the action back to the center of the cage but eats another leg kick.  I know one thing, this Hanes kid has HEART.  The hammer sounds as the fighters swing crazy but the bell sounds ending the fight.  I have another 10-9 Martinez.

Winner:  Ignacio Martinez wins via unanimous decision 30-27 on all cards.

Still no Eminem.  Are the fighters starting to finally realize that “isn’t cool”??? Papp enters the cage, looking ready for battle…Harell looks nervous but hiding it nicely…

Rd 1: This fight starts with a glove touch and fighters standing in the center.  Harell looks for a huge KO but Papp weathers the storm and presses Harell against the cage.  Harell is still in control to start this fight landing a nice kick followed by a right hook that barely misses.  Papp throws a head kick but misses.  Harell  is bleeding but it looks like it’s from a brush burn or something on his shoulder and arm, not sure what the hell that is.  The ref tells the fighters to engage because the action has almost halted.  Papp responds with a nice leg kick that lands flush to the inside right leg of Harell.  Both fighters circle, not really throwing anything.  A lot of faints though, they are faking out even the ref.  Not much to type, they’re just looking at each other as they circle.  Wish I could make up some cool shit, but the bell sounds.  The round goes to neither.

Rd 2: Fighters don’t touch…uh oh, that means WAR!!!  Ok, maybe not.  Harell lands a nice leg kick, Papp lands a nice leg kick, then circling.  Harell throws a 1-2, then a 1-2, but only hurts the air.  Papp is measuring for something I assume…and Harell throws a leg kick.  Anyone see the Rockets game?  What’s going on there?  Hey, nevermind, Harell threw a right hook, but didn’t land.  The ref stops the action and warns the fighters to “fight!!!”.  Let’s see if they respond.  Not yet.  Back to the Rockets game…I can’t believe we traded away the ones we did.  That was crazy.  Are they even playing tonight?  Let me go look.  Oh…the round ended…I heard a bell or something…

Rd 3: Round 3 starts with MORE ACTION IN 10 SECONDS than the entire fight!!!!  Oh Snap, Harell must have read the comments on rounds 1 and 2 cause he came out on FIRE!!!  Throwing some big bombs at Papp, even landing a few!!!  The crowd responds with some loud cheering.  Well, those 10 seconds were really fun cause we’re back to standing and circling.  While we have this time, anyone want to discuss this crap going on with the NFL?  I’m tired of watching Sportscenter every night and seeing 45 minutes of NFLPA updates.  Who cares, just get it straight so we can have football!!!  It shouldn’t be that hard.  Ok, back to fighting…Papp lands a few nice punches and Harell lands a few nice punches and the round is over.  This fight was pretty miserable.  Who won???  I dunno.

Winner: Cody Harell wins via unanimous decision.

Ok, Carlos walks out to some gangsta music…ahhhhh yeah.  I promise this fight will have some action!!! Still no Eminem as Randy walks out.  This has been a GREAT night.  Who will be the first to walk out to Eminem???

Rd 1: Carlos looks very calm as Randy looks very amped up as the opening bell sounds.  The fighters touch gloves as Carlos slings Randy to the canvas.  He immediately works to full mount as Randy is against the cage.  He is landing bombs as the crowd cheers loudly.  Randy does a great job of scrambling and ends up in side control on Carlos.  The fighters scramble and Carlos flips Randy to the canvas.  They scramble yet again, ending up standing and both fighters are throwing some HUGE shots…now this is ACTION!!!  Randy has enough and shoots in for a single leg, unsuccessful.  Carlos keeps north-south control and has a north-south Eddie Bravo choke but can’t complete it.  The crowd is calling for knees as Randy secures a double leg, springs to his feet, then slams Carlos to the mat.  Carlos doesn’t allow that to happen long as he scrambles to standing, controlling Randy’s legs as he dives down and delivers a crushing right hand straight to the face of Randy.  Summuumma bitch, how is Randy still awake, that was a crazy bomb that was pretty scary!!!  The bell sounds and the fighters go to their corners.  What a badass round of action!!!

Rd 2: Round 2 starts with Carlos barely missing a huge right as Randy shoots in for a double.  As they end up against the cage, Carlos ends up in control with a tight guillotine choke.  Randy escapes showing his calmness.  Carlos is still in control as the fighters end on the ground.  Carlos is in the guard of Randy but is trying to posture to deliver more damage.  Randy is doing a good job of controlling Carlos’ head, keeping him close and minimizing the damage.  Randy throws his leg over, going for an arm bar but is unsuccessful again.  Carlos transitions to full mount, very nice transition then as Randy rolls, Carlos takes his back.  Randy does a good job of scrambling to guard again as the bell sounds to end the 2nd round.  Another awesome round of action!!!

Rd 3: We start again with some more action!!!  As the fighters lock up against the cage, Randy goes for a sweep, flips backwards and ends up in full mount…but only for a few seconds as Carlos quickly reverses.  Now the fighters are against the cage with Carlos in full guard.  Randy attempts another arm bar but Carlos fights through it, taking the back of Randy.  Carlos has a rear-naked choke LOCKED in DEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!  Randy hasn’t tapped yet….oh wait, he just did…and it’s OVER.  What an AWESOME FIGHT!!!!!!!  Both guys did one hell of a job!

Winner: Carlos Jimenez via RNC mid 3rd Round.

Short intermission!!!  Ok, here we go…Henson entering to a LARGE crowd ovation…Ohhhhhhh snap, Henson is one LARGE dude.  I’m not talking ANY shit about Henson. Hell no.  Now Jones isn’t small, by no means, but this doesn’t even look like the same weight division…we shall see…

Rd 1: Ok, these two dudes are just BIG.  Here we go.  The fighters touch as Jones throws a nice jab.  Henson throws a 1-2, landing nice followed by a nice leg kick.  Jones throws a nice combo but Henson presses the fight against the cage.  Henson has Jones pressed against the cage, tries to lift Jones for a takedown but is unsuccessful.  Fighters break and go back to the center.  Henson throws a head kick but misses badly, ending on the ground.  Jones doesn’t capitalize as the fighters both stand again.  Jones presses Henson against the cage and lands some nice combos.  The fighters break again and go to the center of the cage.  Henson actually looks gassed already as Jones lands a few combos that land nicely.  Jones presses Henson against the cage, goes to side control then to the dredded “knee on belly”.  Man I hate that.  The round ends as Jones lands a few more nice punches.

Rd 2: Fighters meet in the center as Henson looks gassed.  Henson throws a crazy overhand right but doesn’t connect.  Jones lands a nice combo that frustrates Henson who shoots in for a double leg.  He secures the takedown on Jones but can’t do anything with it as Jones works for the triangle.  He is unsuccessful as Henson pushes him away.  Jones now is in side control, goes back to knee on belly.  I wonder if he knows he isn’t getting points for transitioning like he’s at a tourney.  The fighters separate and end up standing again.  Jones throws a HUGE right that lands flush but Henson doesn’t move.  Henson follows with a huge right of his own that connects as these two big beasts swing for the fences.  Jones is now bleeding from a cut on the bridge of his nose.  The fighters clinch and Jones lands a terrible knee right to the jewels of Henson…time for a break as Henson tries to collect his “thoughts”.  Ok, back to action.  Henson looks visibly gassed as they meet in the center, but Jones does not throw anything as the bell sounds to end the round.

Rd 3: Last round starts with Jones landing a nice right uppercut, hurting Henson.  It’s now Henson that responds with a few big shots that push Jones back.  Again, these two guys are massive.  Jones has hurt Henson with a few rights and a left hook but doesn’t capitalize again as Henson pushes the action against the cage.  Jones lands a few of the “Andrew Craig Jackoff Punches” as they’re pressed against the cage.  Henson is still holding on to a single leg but is doing nothing with it.  Henson is now bleeding from the nose and looking really gassed.  Jones pops a right jab that snaps the head back of Henson.  Jones is looking to finish the action as Henson is barely standing.  Jones lands one after another and the fight is OVER!!!!!  The referee jumps in to stop the fight before Henson suffers any more damage.

Winner:  Matthew Jones via TKO in mid 3rd Round

As we keep moving along, local crowd favorite Aaron Croon walks out first…still no Eminem.  Croon looking calm and collective as he waits for Gonzales to enter the cage.

Rd 1: Fighters don’t touch as Gonzales tries to press the action, throwing several punches in bunches…but Croon reverses the action and presses Gonzales against the cage.  Fighters end on the ground with Gonzales in the guard of Croon.  As Gonzales tries to posture, Croon appears to almost have an arm bar, but Gonzales escapes.  Fighters stand again as Gonzales throws an accidental kick to the groin.  Brief break as Croon recovers, back to action.  This has been a fierce paced fight, back and forth with Croon now in control as the fight goes to the ground.  Croon goes to full mount on Gonzales and starts landing several blows.  Gonzales rolls but Croon takes his back.  Croon now secures a RNC but Gonzales hasn’t tapped…he rolls Gonzales over to his back and still has the choke locked.  Gonzales still hasn’t tapped…well, that’s because he’s OUT….Gonzales is completely OUT!!!!!  The doctors rush the cage as Croon jumps to his feet in victory!!!

Winner:  Aaron Croon via RNC late first round

Had a brief technical problem, but we’re all good now…back to action…Well, Manny brought a crowd, the biggest reaction so far tonight…

Rd 1: Fighters touch in the middle as Manny looks to start the action.  Zeglin clinches to avoid any damage and pushes the shorter Manny away.  Fighters meet in the center again as Manny lands a nice left hook.  The fighters scramble to the center as Zeglin tries to clinch and throw.  As he does, Manny secures a takedown and ends up in north south position, transitions to the back of Zeglin and lands BOMBS to the side of Zeglin’s head.  Manny how has the full back of Zeglin, flattens him out and just like that, the fight is over.  Manny secures a TIGHT RNC and makes this look easy.

Winner:  Manny Lozoya over Christopher Zeglin early first round via RNC

A quick intermission…

Ok, we’re getting ready for action now…Haydon is walking out now…and NOT to Eminem.  Man, just doesn’t get any better than this.  I actually miss Eminem.  No, I really don’t.  Plata enters the cage, does a half circle then stops in the face of Haydon…a little taunting I see.

Rd 1: Fighters do not touch as they meet in the center.  Plata lands a few punches, being the aggressor.  The fighters clinch and Haydon lands a few nice knees as they go against the cage.  Plata secures a double leg running takedown as Haydon provides no defense for that.  As they scramble to get up, Plata once again grabs the ankles of Haydon and brings him back to the canvas. The pace has slowed as Plata controls the action in side control with Haydon pressed against the cage.  Haydon gets to his feet and they square off again in the center.  Plata lands a nice right then asks the ref something like “did you see that?”.  As the hammer sounds, Haydon throws a head kick but is unsuccessful.

Rd 2: Server issues…the internet in here is down, but the action was non stop by both fighters…

Rd 3: Round 3 starts with a glove touch as Plata is still moving forward.  Haydon tries a Thai clinch but Plata pushes him away like a schoolyard bully.  Haydon lands a nice left hook followed by a right leg kick, but Plata is not phased.  Plata is putting on a boxing clinic right now with his movement and technical strikes.  Plata moves forward landing a HUGE right hand followed by a right leg kick and Haydon is really only surviving right now.    Haydon does have heart though, no doubt about that.  Plata lands 8 consecutive punches as Haydon backs up.  The fighters scramble and end with Haydon pressing Plata against the cage but cannot do any damage.  I have to say, Haydon is not giving up, continuing to throw as Plata moves forward.  The fight ends with both guys going for broke.  AWESOME FIGHT.

Winner: Rapheal Plata wins over John Haydon via SPLIT DECISION…the scores were 30-27, 27-30, and 30-27…?  WTF???

Jeremy Hunter in the cage, waiting on Delgado…someone please walk out to Eminem…I miss him.

Rd 1: Both fighters look very fired up.  They meet in the center of the cage as Hunter presses the action, putting Delgado against the cage.  Delgado reverses and presses Hunter against the cage but neither is doing damage.  Delgado works for a single leg but Hunter is doing a great job defending the takedown.  Delgado does a great transition, ending up taking full mount on Hunter and securing an armbar…but Hunter quickly rips his arm free and stands up.  The fighters press against the fence and Hunter delivers a HUGE knee to the groin on Delgado that draws “oooooooooooooooo’s” from the crowd.  Break as Delgado recovers.  Back to action…Hunter is in the center of the cage, Delgado throws a couple nice leg kicks then shoots in for a double, but Hunter defends nice.  Hunter presses Delgado against the cage and works a standing guillotine.  Hunter tries to bring it to the ground but Delgado ends up in full mount.  The hammer sounds as Delgado gets in dominate position to end the round.

Rd 2: Round 2 starts with Hunter being the aggressor again, throwing a right leg kick.  Delgado answers with a few leg kicks then shoots in for a single leg.  Hunter defends it nicely then transitions to the back of Delgado.  Hunter is now in dominate position on the back of Delgado and landing bombs.  Delgado is not doing anything to defend himself and the ref is warning of a potential stoppage.  Delgado continues to do nothing to defend as Hunter drops bombs after more bombs…the ref finally steps in and stops the action…

Winner:  Jeremy Hunter over Arturo Delgado via TKO mid 2nd round

Now it’s time for the MONEY fights…here are the ones that I’ve been waiting for.  There is definitely no love lost between West and Liberty.  The lights are completely off as West enters….definitely winning the most intense walkout of the night.  The entire Team Tooke posse walked out together, looking strong!  West circles the cage as Liberty walks out…wearing a Snuggie.  WTF?  It will be hard to go back to the gym after wearing that…damn funny though…

Rd 1: Here we go…fighters touch gloves and it’s action.  Levi shows his boxing skills as Liberty reaches in.  Liberty fakes a takedown but West doesn’t fall for it.  Liberty wants to stay on the outside as West continues to measure him with his boxing.  West throws a head kick as Liberty comes in but doesn’t do damage.  Liberty seems to be hesitant to do much because of the power West has.  Liberty lands a nice leg kick but West responds with a HUGE right that brings the crowd to their feet.  Liberty secures a nice takedown ending in full mount on West and starts to rain down some nice punches.  West does a good job of working back to guard and avoid any punishment.  West goes for a triangle but the bell sounds as he gets it locked.  A great round of action by both guys with West having a small advantage in my book.  Going to 2…

Rd 2: Round 2 starts with West waiting in the middle of the cage.  Liberty lands a nice leg kick followed by a nice kick from West.  West then throws a big right, landing flush as the fighters scramble against the cage.  West is pressing the action with Liberty having his back against the fence, throwing a few nice knees as Liberty pushes away.  West throws a nice head kick after faking a right, then presses Liberty against the cage again.  Liberty is still fighting very cautious.  West lands a HUGE right as Liberty wobbles, knees all going sideways like John Travolta in Grease.  Disco dancing on the part of Liberty as the referee jumps in to stop the action before West delivers more punishment.  Dominating fight by West!

Winner: Levi West defeats Chas Liberty via TKO middle of 2nd round

Had a brief intermission but now it’s back to action…Reyes walks out to a song that gets ALL of our Latin American crowd up and whistling.  I need some chips and salsa, damn I’m hungry.  Reyes now in the cage looking calm and ready to go to war.  Wright now waiting for his music to start…

Rd 1: Fighters meet in the center very cautious feeling each other out.  Reyes presses the action putting Wright against the cage but Wright quickly reverses and puts Reyes against the fence.  Reyes has the double underhooks but Wright is still landing nice punches to the ribs of Reyes.  Ref breaks the action and the fighters clinch again.  Reyes lands a nice punch to the ribs of Wright.  Reyes throws a knee to the mid section as Wright tries to get the underhook.  Wright spins in nicely for a Judo throw sending Reyes to the canvas.  Reyes grabs the heels of Wright trying to slow him down but Wright lands BIG bombs to Reyes as he’s on his back.  Round one to Wright…

Rd 2: Fighters meet in the center, Reyes tries a short leg kick buy that only welcomes Wright in for a fierce attack.  Wright lands several bombs as he rushes Reyes, sending Reyes to the canvas.  Reyes recovers nicely and attempts an arm bar on Wright which draws interest from the crowd but Wright escapes nicely.  The fighters are rolled up together against the cage as Reyes coneinues to try the arm bar.  WOW…Reyes has a nasty arm bar set on Wright but he doesn’t tap.  Instead, he fights through it and is now out! Wright looks pissed off as he delivers some serious punches to Reyes who can’t effectively defend.  The referee is warning to stop the fight if Reyes doesn’t do something but Wright doesn’t give him a chance.  Wright continues to land punch after punch as the referee jumps in to stop this onslaught.  Dominating performance by Colin Wright to defend his title.

Rd 3:

Winner: Colin Wright via TKO at 2:40 of Round 2