Cage Combat 4: Updated Card

Eric Garcia, CEO of Garcia Promotions, sent out the latest updated card yesterday, but just informed that the main event is in jeopardy. According to Garcia Chris Lopez sustained “a serious knee injury” during his training at Wanderlei Silva’s camp in Las Vegas.

“He [Chris Lopez] had to pull from the fight next week. He is very disappointed. I am currently looking for another 155er that we feel is worthy to face Cris Rucker for the Lightweight title next week. This is very unfortunate but we know these things happen,” Garcia told

There is still TONS of great fights on the card and still a chance that wee see a lightweight title fight!

Here is the card as of today (June 23, 2011)

Efrain Martinez (Pound 4 Pound) VS. Jeremy Hunter (Kingwood) – 155

Charley Witbeck (4oz) VS. Zack Scalf (Team Bailout) – 185

Joel Haesacke VS. James Gonzales (Silverback) – 155

Julio Rodriguez (Pound 4 Pound) VS. John Haydon (Kingwood) – 160

Antonio Gamez (Pound 4 Pound) VS. Nelson Rodriguez (Silverback) – 155

Carlos Jimenez (4oz) VS. Bryan Broussard (Mitchell Fitness) – 135

Randy McCullough (Team Bailout) VS. Tony Orozco Jr. (Silverback) – 135

Daniel Everitt (BVMMA) VS. Nathan Flack (Team Bailout) – 155

Will Papp (Kingwood MMA) VS. John Rodriguez (Silverback) – 145

Ryan Rivera (Team Bailout) VS. Drew Elder (Kingwood)– 160

Kevin White (Team Bailout) VS. Daniel Delgado (Paradigm) – 135

Levi West (Team Tooke) VS. Eric Thompson (Silverback) – 180

Andrew Musquiz (Team Tooke) VS. David Armas (Silverback) – 145

Manny Lozoya (Bushi Ban) VS. Jacob Silva (Silverback) – Flyweight Title

TBA VS. Cris Rucker (Paradigm) – Lightweight Title


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