Cage Combat 4: Live Play by Play (and Results)

Title: Cage Combat 4
Location: Humble Civic Center (Humble, Tx)
Date: July 1, 2011 8pm (Doors open at 7pm)

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David  Armas vs. Andrew Muzquiz
Nathan Flack
Charley Witbeck

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


155 LBS

Rd 1: Hunter opens up with a leg kick and a solid one-two. They exchange and Martinez lands a body kick. Martinez drops Hunter but as he rushes in Hunter pounces and grabs a double leg. Hunter pulls out of a guillotine attempt and they jockey for position for a moment before punching out. The two land simultaneous body kicks. Martinez now pressing and lands a leg kick that Hunter counters. Martinez overextending a bit with his leg kicks and Hunter is countering nicely. Hunter hip tosses him to the ground with about 20 seconds in the round, but can’t do much damage before the bell sounds. Good opening round.

Rd2: Wild flurries from both guys start off round 2, and I don’t think a single one landed. Hunter shoots for a take down and is working against the cage when Martinez hits him with a knee (illegal tonight). He gets a warning and apologizes and they are back at it. Hunter lands some big shots and again shoots in but finds himself in a standing guillotine. He fights it for a second and then falls down, pulling Martinez over and off him. Great escape. Hunter in side control and landing. Martinez works and gets half guard. He tries to sweep and almost takes Hunter’s back. He tries again and this time ends up on top of Hunter in full mount as the round ends.

Rd 3: Third round starts off a little slower than the first two. Hunter with a judo throw and is in full mount. He is punishing but Martinez throws his legs up and sweeps. He throws a couple of body shots and grabs for a standing darce. Hunter fights out and they are back to square one. Bit blows landing from both. Action presses against the cage but the ref doesn’t let it stay long as he restarts them. Back against the cage and now Martinez grabs for the legs. Hunter grabs for a choke and pulls Martinez down with a guillotine. Close fight.

Winner: Jeremy Hunter def. Efrain Martinez by split decision. 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28.

185 LBS

Rd 1: Scalf comes out with a push kick. Both guys trade kicks and punches. Witbeck lands a good left that spins Scalf around. As Scalf turns back Witbeck jumps to his back. He has both hooks in and is working for a choke. He is stretching Scalf out. Looks painful, and finally it is too much. Scalf taps.

Winner: Charlie Witbeck def. Zach Scalf by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) RD 1

155 LBS

Rd 1: Gonzalez pumping the jab early and Haesecke answers but not as cleanly. Gonzalez lands a right hand that drops Haesacke. Ref considers stopping but lets him back up. Gonzalez clips him with a left then lands a devastating right hook that crushes Haesacke. Clean knockout.

Winner: James Gonzalez def. Joel Haesecke by KO RD 1

135 LBS

Rd 1: Delgado comes out with a high kick and then gets a takedown. He tries to land a bomb but Jiminez is clear. Jiminez lands clean and Delgado drops. He is trying to work his way up under heavy fire but the ref stops it. Just over a minute.

Winner: Carlos Jiminez def. Ricardo Delgado by TKO RD 1

135 LBS

Rd 1: Randy takes the center of the cage and is the first to throw. Orozco lans clean and Randy throws a knee. He is warned and they restart. Tony lands a jumping right and Randy waves him to come on. Randy unleashes a flurry against the cage and Orozco answers back. Orozco with good head movement. Randy lands a knee to the body and the ref stops it and takes a point. The announcer comes over the loudspeaker and corrects him, saying knees to the body are ok. They go back at it and now they are both throwing knees against the cage. Orozco lands a knee low and Randy drops in a heap. The round ends by he is hurting. The ref took away a point saying that the knee got up to the head, but it didn’t look that way from here.

Rd2: Both guys land clean combos to start but Randy throws a nice head kick that catches the back of Orozco’s head. He throws another and slips and Orozco tries to pounce but Randy is safe. Orozco with a solid leg kick. Orozco pawing out with a left jab and Randy throws another high kick that just misses. Randy has him pressed to the cage and is unloading. Orozco is firing back but Randy is getting the better for the moment. Randy catches a kick and tries to take Orozco down but he keeps his balance. Good round for Randy, but credit Orozco for staying poised under some heavy fire.

Rd 3: Randy is aggressive early in this round. He lands a knee that looks like it hits head but the ref lets it slide. Maybe a make up for the first round. Randy is throwing haymakers. A couple land but Orozco getting in jabs inside the winging shots. Action slows for a moment. Orozco reaches in with a left hook that lands nicely. Big leg kick from Orozco but now Randy is chasing him around the cage. Gonna be a really tough decision for the judges.

Winner: Tony Orozco def. Randy McCullough by split decision 29-28, 28-29, 30-27

155 LBS

Rd 1: HERE WE GO (This is Barry by the way. AJ is on break) Flack is HUGE! Both fighters trading kicks. Looping lead hook by Flack. Daniel pawing with an open fisted jab. NICE front kick by Everitt to Flacks grill. Steven Segal would be proud. Flack takes a deep breath. Side kick by Everitt Lands and moves flack back. OH SHIIIIIIT! once punch and Everitt is out like bell bottoms! DAMN!

Nice plank by Daniel Everitt.


Rd 3:

Winner: At 1:02 in Rd 1 Nathan Flack wins via KO.

155 LBS

Rd 1: Rodriguez comes out strong with leg kicks. Papp shoots in but is too far out. Rodriguez has him pinned against the cage and is working for a trip. Papp grabbing for a guillotine but Rodriguez is standing tall. The two exchange knees and get a clean break. Papp shoots in on a kick from Rodriguez and gets the take down. He is working from half guard and landing to the body. Rodriguez sweeps and gets to his feet but Papp takes him down again. This time he just holds him down without damage, but it may have sealed the round for him.

Rd2: Papp shoots in early and can’t get it down. Rodriguez throws some solid strikes but lands low and Papp crumbles. They restart and Rodriguez is landing again. Papp shoots and presses him against the cage. Papp gets him down but his neck is in and Rodriguez closes guard. Papp clears his head but now Rodriguez is working for a kimura. Rodriguez can’t finish it and Papp flattens him. Rodriguez has half guard and avoids damage as the round ends.

Rd 3: Papp gets an early take down against the cage. Rodriguez works his way up but is promptly slammed back down. Rodriguez has full guard and is trying to isolate an arm. He gives that up and starts punching from the bottom. Papp tries to pass but Rodriguez holds guard. Action pushes to the fence and Rodriguez uses it to sweep. He has mount for a moment and then hooks the back but over extends and Papp is back on top. Rodriguez scoots back to the cage and is pulled back down to the mat. To the judges.

Winner: John Rodriguez def. Will Papp by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28 and 30-28 (?)

155 LBS

Rd 1: Both guys active early exchanging leg kicks. Rivera stalking and lands a good right hand. He lands two more and shoots in. He gets a double that is damn near around the waist. He turns away from him and Rivera takes advantage. He sticks in the hooks and takes the back. Rear naked choke. Tap. Quick win for Rivera and Elder is visibly frustrated with his mistake.


Rd 3:

Winner: Ryan Rivera def. Drew Elder by submission (RNC) Rd 1
10 minute break

185 LBS

Rd 1: Back at it. Thompson acts first but Levi lands the first good shot, a right hand. West with a push kick. West kicks high and misses and Thompson rushes him, but West ends up with a body lock against the cage. West throwing knees and landing. West with foot stomps and Thompson finally pushes him away with a punch. Good leg kick by West. Thompson rushes him but again West ends up in control. Round ends in the position it was in most of the time, West pressing Thompson against the cage.

Rd2: West lands to the body and follows with a nice right. Again Thompson chases him but again West contols him against the cage. Thompson breaks free and West lands another good inside leg kick. He throws an outside and slips but Thompson can’t jump on it in time. West with a Superman followed by a body kick. Thompson looks frustrated as West bounces around in front of him. More leg kicks and push kicks from West. West just misses with a head kick as the bell signals the end of the second round.

Rd 3: West with another push kick and it lands low. West is either protesting or trying to convince the ref it was unintentional. They are back at it. Thompson rushes but again West controls the grappling and pushes Thompson against the cage. Thompson comes with a flurry and West backs him off with one of his own topped off by a high kick. The crowd erupts as Thompson charges again. This time West picks him up and puts him down. He is now working from Thompson’s back peppering him with punches. Should e an easy decision win for West.

Winner: Levi West def. Eric Thompson by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Rd 1: Armas wins the first grappling exchange and ends up on top and landing. Musquiz works to full guard. He sits up against the cage and walks up but Armas takes him down with a body lock. Musquiz spins and has a darce choke but Armas survives it. Musquiz takes the back now but he is very high. He is working for an arm but Armas pulls it out and starts landing big shots with Muzquiz against the cage. Round ends. And it was a good one.

Rd2: Muzquiz shoots in but can’t finish it. They have a wild exchange with both guys landing heavy. Muzquiz with a Superman punch that doesn’t land. Armas reaches in with a jab and eats a counter. Leg kick by Muzquiz answered with a stiff uppercut from Armas. Armas lands a body kick. Armas shoots for a takedown with 15 seconds in the round. He gets it and finishes the round on top.

Rd 3: Glove touch to start the 3rd. Muzquiz lands a body kick but eats some big shots as he comes in. Armas lands a vicious right that drops Muzquiz. Armas pounces but it looks like his arm is in trouble. He gets it clear. Muzquiz reverses and he is on top now. He takes Armas’ back and is working for a choke. He has one on but it looks too high. He adjusts and sinks it again. Armas gets free again. Armas survives til the bell. He got the knock down but Muzquiz worked the back most of the round. Close fight.

Winner: David Armas def. Andrew Muzquiz by split decision. 30-27, 28-29 and 29-28.

Rd 1: The first round was lost due to technical difficulties, but it was a dominating round for Jacob Silva. He controlled the fight on the ground the entire time.

Rd2: Silva rushes and is instantly on Lozoya again. Lozoya up and lands a nice shot but Silva walks through it. He is in mount and Lozoya rolls over to his belly. Silva starts to flatten him out and Lozoya rolls back over. Silva switches to his back to look for a choke but Lozoya spins back into him. Silva stands for a moment but jumps into side control. Lozoya works to guard for only a second before Silva is back up. Spinning back fist by Silva. The two exchange haymakers as the round ends. Another lopsided round for Silva but he is putting on a hell of a show!

Rd 3: Lozoya lands a nice leg kick to open the round. It goes against the cage and Silva is unleashing again. Lozoya claims he was hit low and there is a break. They are quickly back at it. Lozoya with a nice body kick. Silva with a takedown into full mount. He is punishing with ground and pound. One hand is in the fence but it goes unnoticed. Ref jumps in. Jawdropping performance for Silva.

Winner: Jacob Silva def. Manny Lozoya by TKO (RD 3)