Cage Combat 6 – Live Coverage and Play by Play (Including LIVE Audio)

Title: Cage Combat 6
Location: Humble Civic Center (Houtson, Tx)
Date: November 4, 2011 7:30pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)

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James Deherrera VS. Carlos Jimenez
Kenny Issac
Rob Wood

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


We’ll be broadcasting the play by play of the last 6 fights of the night LIVE!


John Rodriguez VS. Raul Rodriguez

Fight takes place at 145lbs

Rd 1: Raul clinches and pushes it to the cage. John turns him around . Raul climbs up and puts on a standing guillotine. Actually a hanging guillotine. John turns and puts hi down. John works to his back and starts ground and pound. He gets his second hook in and locks up a rear naked choke. Raul has to tap. Quick and impressive. 1:49 is the time.

Winner: John Rodriguez def. Raul Rodriguez by submission (RD 1)

Ignacio Martinez VS. Daniel Everitt

Fight takes place at 145lbs

Rd 1: They touch gloves and Everitt sends out a front kick. Martinez answers with a 1-2. Both guys trading punches. Martinez looks like he is landing harder early on. Everitt with a strong push kick. Leg kick from Everitt answered by a left hook. Martinez reaches over with a big overhand right. Everitt reaches in with a right hand. Another push kick from Everitt and he clinches. They are against the cage and Martinez lands two good knees to the body, breaking the clinch. Good looking high kick by Everitt. Another push kick. Martinez leads a combo with an uppercut and does some damage. Strong combo ends the round for Martinez. 10-9 Martinez.

Rd 2: High kick from Martinez answered with one from Everitt. Lots of kicks being thrown. Martinez with a good combo but Everitt lands hard at the end of it. Martinez landing good power shots but Everitt not backing down. Superman punch lands flush for Martinez, and Everitt again lands a push kick. Martinez lands a left hook and Everitt answers. Everitt ends the round with a leg kick. Both rounds have been really close. I score that one again for Martinez, 10-9, but both rounds are up for grabs with the judges.

Rd 3: Martinez throws a kick. Everitt catches it and lands a punch. Both guys are throwing hands. Martinez misses with a sloppy shot and Everitt jumps on his back. Martinez defends well and they reset. Martinez throws a spinning back fist that lands hard! Everitt catches a body kick and puts Martinez down. He works to his back with hooks. Martinez tries to roll and Everitt lands some leather. Martinez rolls back and Everitt has the hooks again. Everitt digging for a choke that isn’t there. He is still trying as the round ends. 10-9 round for Everitt. The only “sure thing” round of the fight.

Winner: Daniel Everitt def. Ignacio Martinez by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Eric Thompson VS. Ralph Garcia

Fight takes place at 170lbs

Rd 1: Garcia comes out swinging. Thompson lands and backs him into the cage. Garcia turns him around and has him against the fence. Both guys trade knees. Garcia trips and gets a takedown but Thompson is up instantly. Garcia reaches for another takedown but it isn’t there. Garcia tries to hiptoss but Thompson defends and lands on top. Garcia grabs for an arm though. He stretches it out as the round ends, but Thompson hangs on to survive it. 10-9 Garcia.

Rd 2: The two paw at each other to start the round before Garcia drives him into the cage. Thompson lands a knee to the cup. It makes a LOUD noise but Garcia pushes through. Thompson trips him down and Garcia complains of shorts being grabbed. Garcia works to full guard. Thompson back to half, but only briefly. Garcia looking for subs from the bottom. First an armbar, then a triangle. He survives and is back in guard. Thompson’s corner yelling at him to posture up but he is laying on his chest. Garcia landing hard from the bottom as the round ends. I will give it to Thompson, but neither guy really dominated the round.

Rd 3: Thompson lands a leg kick. Garcia lands a left hook. Thompson is backing up. Garcia rushes him but Thompson pushes him against the cage. They break quickly. Flurry from Garcia and again Thompson pushes him into the cage. Thompson looks tired, and Garcia is stalking him. Strong combo from Garcia against the cage. Thompson throws a hard leg kick but isn’t throwing his hands much anymore. Thompson breathes heavy and drops his hands. Garcia jumps in with punches. Thompson lands low but the stoppage is only brief. Garcia lands a hard right-left. Thompson backs him into the cage and lands some good knees. Another really close round. Garcia looked stronger in the last round, 10-9.

Winner: Ralph Garcia def. Eric Thompson by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Dat Nguyen VS. Daniel Delgado

Fight takes place at 135lbs

Rd 1: Two head kicks thrown early by Nguyen. An axe kick slaps hard on Delgado’s stomach. Nguyen looks good early. As I say that Delgado lands a head kick. Spinning kick attempt from Nguyen comes up short. Delgado not backing down. He continues to throw high kicks. Front kick lands high for Delgado. Delgado scores a takedown with :20 left and passes to side control as the round ends. The last bit of grappling wins the round for Delgado on my card, 10-9.

Rd 2: More standup from both guys start the round. They are literally standing by the fence trading axe kicks and push kicks. Daniel jumps in and lands a strong left A push kick stumbles Nguyen a little but he keeps his feet. Again they kick at the same time. Neither guy lands. Nguyen throws a head kick that just misses. Leg kick from Delgado. He goes high and misses. Good body kick from Delgado. Again at the :20 Delgado gets a takedown, passes guard and ends the round with his knee on belly. Great strategy should have him up 2 rounds to none. I give Delgado the nod here, 10-9.

Rd 3: The guys are more tentative to start the third. Delgado ducks under a punch and scores a double leg. Nguyen trying to work a rubber guard. Delgado passes to side control and to full mount. Nguyen turns over and gives his back. Delgado has a body lock and lands a couple of punches. He then locks on a rear naked and scores the submission stoppage.

Winner: Daniel Delgado def. Dat Nguyen by submission (RD 3)

Joel Haesacke VS. Kenny Issac

Fight takes place at 155lbs

Rd 1: Issac lands a strong right hand but Haesacke answers and Issac slumps down. Haesacke grabs a guillotine but can’t finish. They reset and Issac lands a hard right hand that sends Haesacke stumbling back. He falls and Issac drops down and lands a bomb before it’s stopped. Vicious finish.

Winner: Kenny Issac def. Joel Haesacke by KO (RD 1)

Joel Rivera VS. Rob Wood

Fight takes place at 170lbs

Rd 1: Rivera comes in swinging and Wood instantly takes him down. He is in half guard and landing. Ground and pound and Rivera spins over. Wood instantly on his back and punching. Rivera gets up and lands a punch but is again taken down quickly. Wood locks up an arm triangle from half guard and Rivera won’t tap. He goes limp though and it’s over :46 seconds in. Wood looks like someone to watch.

Winner: Rob Wood def. Joel Rivera by submission (RD 1)


Main Card

We’ll be live broadcasting the main card (listed below) via LIVE AUDIO broadcast. The player below should show “LIVE” when we are on the air. 

Jeremy Lieder VS. Justin Pifer 

Fight takes place at 185lbs

Winner: Jeremy Lieder def. Justin Pifer via armbar in Rd 2

James Deherrera VS. Carlos Jimenez

Fight takes place at 135lbs

Winner: James Deherrera def. Carlos Jimenez via Submission (Triangle) in Rd 3

Lucas Orozco VS. Eric Caminos

Fight takes place at 155lbs

Winner: Lucas Orozco def. Eric Caminos via Unanimous Decision (29-28,29-28,30-27)

Paulina Granados VS. Ashley Meza

Fight takes place at 110lbs

Winner: Paulina Granados vs Ashley Meza via Split Decision (29-28,28-29,29-28)

Alex Melendez VS. Chris Lopez: 

Fight takes place at 155lbs

Winner: Chris Lopez def. Alex Melendez via TKO (Ref. Stoppage) in Rd 1.

Geoffrey Neal VS. Levi West 

Fight takes place at 170lbs

Winner: Levi West def. Geoffrey Neal via Split Decision