Breaking News: Major Change To Cage Combat 6 Card

Written By: Barry Laminack

The Houston amateur fight scene is a lot like the Houston weather; it changes often and suddenly. Today’s latest change comes from the guys over at Cage Combat 6. In an email release sent out, they have decided NOT to continue with the Featherweight Tournament that was going to debut on November 4th at Cage Combat 6.

According to Garcia, “We have decided to do away with the tournament due to fighters getting injured and pulling out. We understand that at the amateur level its hard to keep match-ups. For this reason keeping all the same guys in a tournament has seemed to be impossible. We started out with 12 guys, then a few fell out and we decided to drop it to an 8 man tournament, then we lost a couple due to scheduling and injuries, we are now down to 6 guys.”

Garcia went on to say that the title will still be on the line for two of the six featherweights that compete at Cage Combat 6.

“The featherweights that go out and put on the strongest performance and win next week will fight for the Featherweight title Dec. 30 at Cage Combat 7. That’s the best solution we could come up with since we have been losing competitors left and right in the tournament. How we decide and who we let decide which 2 featherweights should fight for the belt is still undecided.”

What ever they do decide, there is no doubt they will do their best to make it as fair as possible for all those involved.

And now, here is your NEW Cage Combat 6 Card:

Raul Rodriguez (Sugarland MMA) VS. John Rodriguez (Silverback) -145
Martin Walker (ATT Beaumont) VS. John Haydon (Kingwood MMA) -145
Ignacio Martinez (Silverback) VS. Luis Ibarra (1-0) (Paradigm) -145
Eric Thompson (Silverback) VS. Ralph Garcia (Relson Gracie Galveston) – 170
TBA VS. Daniel Everitt (BVMMA) – 145
Randy McCullough (Bailout MMA) VS Josh Cooper (1-1) (ATT Beaumont) – 135
Dat Nguyen (Bailout MMA) VS. Daniel Delgado (Paradigm) – 135
Kenny Issac (Kingwood MMA) VS. Joel Haesacke – 155
Rob Wood (Lovato BJJ) VS. Joel Rivera – 170
Benjamin Lenyard (Brazilian Top Team) VS. Justin Pifer (ACS) – 185
Carlos Jimenez (4oz) VS. James Deherrera (Team Unleashed) – 135
Eric Caminos (ACS) VS. Lucas Orozco (BVMMA) – 155
Paulina Granados (American Revolution) VS. Ashley Meza (Paradigm) – 110
Chris Lopez (3-1)(Team Tooke) VS. Alex Melendez (2-1) (Dallas Jawbreakers) – 155
15. Levi West (3-0) (Team Tooke) VS. Geoffrey Neal (Twin Wolves MMA) – 170

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