Cage Combat 1 – Rumble in Humble

Title: Cage Combat 1

Location: Humble, Texas

Date: December 02, 2010

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TCD Fight Awards
Fight of the Night Colin Wright vs David Armas
Knockout of the Night James Gonzales
Submission of the Night Colin Wright

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!

Back again doing play by play tonight is Ragan McDaniel from B3 sports!  Rumor has it he has warmed up with Grey Goose and Red Bull. UH OH!  We should be getting started pretty soon.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh yeah…this is your captain speaking.  It’s time to grab your favorite beverage, put on some good Christmas music, and have the auto-refresh on.  Just went back in the locker room and the guys are ready to go.  Nice crowd here at the Humble Convention Center.  Give a little shout out to my bosslady Lacey back home with the kiddos.

Still waiting for word on the start…should be coming soon.  What up to my boy J. Trevino…saw the comment below.

Doctors just showed up, calling officials to the cage…should be starting shortly…

National Anthem is in the books…Colin is in the cage…here we go!!!

Willie Brown Name Ryan Rivera
170 Weight 170
0-1-0 Record 1-0-1
Lufkin MMA Gym UKA

Willie Brown coming out to Country Boy Can Survive…was looking around for Matt Hughes.  Let’s hope Willie has a better showing than Hughes had in his last bout.  I’m thinking he should have come out to Bad Bad Leroy Brown, but that’s just me…Rivera is in the cage now…here we go.

Rd 1:  Both fighters look a little nervous.  No glove touch. Brown starts with a nice jab, followed by a few hooks by Rivera.  The fighters clinch and go to the far side of the cage with Brown pressing the action.  Reversal by Rivera, looking to drop down for a double leg.  Brown basically pushes Rivera backwards and the fighters fall to the ground.  Brown is in side control but Rivera tries for the armbar.  Brown escapes and fighters scramble to their feet.  Rivera locks a guillotine that is very deep, but Brown does a great job of escaping.  Rivera transitions to a NICE armbar….VERY NICE ARMBAR.  And just like that, fight one is in the books…

Winner:  Ryan Rivera via armbar at 1:59 of 1st round.

Hendry Gomez Name James Gonzales
155 Weight 155
1-0-0 Record 0-1-0
Texas Elite MMA Gym Silverback MMA

Gomez heading to the cage…Man am I tired of hearing Eminem as a walkout song….I hear “I’m Not Afraid” in my sleep.  PLEASE MAKE THIS MADNESS STOP.  And wouldn’t you guess…James comes out to the OTHER Eminem song.  I’m in a nightmare…wow.  I’m now going to VETO all Eminem songs at Legacy/Lonestar, so don’t even try.

Rd 1:  Gomez looking like a Bruce Leroy clone.  Fighters clinch in the center with Gomez trying for a hip throw.  James takes the dominant position and lands a right, then a left, then a right, then a left, then BOOMSHAKALAKA…the fight is OVER.  The ref jumps in and thankfully stops the action…then Gomez is still trying to cover up against the ghost that is still hitting him…hey Gomez, the fight’s over…

Winner:  James Gonzales via TKO early 1st round…real quick…

Justin Castillo Name Zach Scalf
185 Weight 185
0-0-0 Record 0-1-0
Tooke MMA Gym UKA

Moving along quickly…here we go with Fight 3.  HOLY SHAAAAAT!!! I will go on record as saying this ENTIRE crowd is PRO-CASTILLO.  One entire side of the arena just erupted as he was introduced.  Now everyone is dancing around, I’m throwing out dollars…making it raiiiiiiiin in here….Team Tooke is representing tonight.

Rd 1:  Ok, here we go…fighters meet in the center as the crowd chants loudly for Justin.  Both fighters look calm…gloves touch, Justin lands a nice leg kick followed by a double leg to a NICE slam.  Zach is holding on to a schoolyard headlock, but Justin is still in control.  Justin transitions to mount as the crowd erupts again.  Now Justin is raining down BOMBS…BIG BOMBS as Zach’s noggin is starting to resemble the Matt Schaub bobblehead.  And folks, we have our 2nd BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!! The ref jumps in and saves Zach.

Winner: Justin Castillo by TKO at 1:07 of 1st round

Levi West Name Charley Witbeck
185 Weight
2-0-0 Record 0-2-0
Tooke MMA Gym 4oz Fight Club

Ok, after a ten minute, I mean twenty-two minute intermission, here we go…Levi West is in the cage…summama beyotch, I just got chills as Charlie comes out to the UNDERTAKER!!! May be the best ever.  If not, it’s a close 2nd…LOVE IT!!!!! Hey Eminem…meet the Undertaker!!!

Rd 1: Charlie looks very intense as the bell sounds, very unlike his photo above.  West making his MMA debut after fighting Thai very successfully.  Fighters touch in the center as Levi tries a Superman missing.  Charlie follows with several combos, landing almost all of them but Levi is not phased.  Fighters clinch against the cage with Levi in control, quickly switched VERY nicely by Charlie.  Fighters break and Charlie lands a nice right.  Levi connects with 2 consecutive leg kicks, snapping both.  Charlie rushes in, landing a few punches and puts Levi’s back against the cage.  Fighters are clinched against the cage with Levi trying to land knees.  The break and Levi lands a couple of nice leg kicks, followed by Charlie landing a nice kick.  Levi tries yet another Superman punch, his 4th attempt so far.  Charlie grabs a headlock then falls backwards into a nice guillotine.  Levi doesn’t seem in too much trouble.  Levi breaks the guillotine and lands a few nice punches.  Charlie attempts an armbar as the bell sounds to end the first round.  AWESOME ACTION as we go to the 2nd round for the first time tonight.  Too close to call…

Rd 2:  Round 2 starts with Levi landing a couple of nice leg kicks but Charlie doesn’t stop moving forward.  Fighters clinch against the cage but little action.  As they break, Charlie lands a few nice hooks, but Levi responds with another snapping leg kick.  Levi picks up Charlie OFF THE GROUND and does a VERY NICE WWE Slam.  I guess he got excited after hearing the Undertaker’s music.  If we could maybe get a Hogan leg drop, that would be money.  Charlie lands a DOUBLE hammer fist…very nice.  Fighters scramble back to the cage with Levi now landing some nice shots as they end up on the ground.  A few transitions and submission attempts by both fighters are unsuccessful.  Out of nowhere, Levi sings in a TIGHT ARMBAR.  Uh oh…and just like that, Charlie taps to prevent any damage.  Who knew Levi had a ground game??? Nice work Team Tooke.  It was a very impressive fight by BOTH fighters, really great action, it’s a shame that one had to lose, but props to Levi West.

*yes, I know I misspelled Charley’s name, but it was too late and I wasn’t going back to correct…my apologies…

Winner:  Levi West via armbar at 2:00 in the 2nd round.

Chas Liberty Name Steele West
170 Weight 170
1-0 Record 0-2-0
Paradigm Gym

Chas comes out to some nice Chamillionaire…I guess that’s how it’s spelled…but anyway, it got my head bobbin.  West comes out to some nice jam also…finally no damn Eminem.  I wanna punch Eminem in the face…someone set that up.  Steele West…maybe one of the best names in Houston.  Does that sound like the name of a great adult-movie star or is it just me?

Rd 1:  Fighters touch in the center and start out cautious.  Chas lands a nice leg kick, but West isn’t having it, smiling at Chas.  Fighters scramble with both guys landing nice punches.  The go to the ground, more of a “fall”, with Chas landing in the guard of West.  Action has started to slow a bit as both try to work for position.  Chas’ corner is calling for him to posture but West is doing a great job of holding him down.  Chas is still landing some really nice shots to the body and mixing up a few to the head.  West is still doing a great job of controlling Chas’ head, keeping him close to prevent any bad damage.  Chas finally gets free, stands then tries to rain down a powerful blow, barely missing.  West does a great job of locking Chas back up, and is now using the BJ Penn rubber guard.  Not sure if it was on purpose or not, but looked pretty cool…not much action as the bell sounds.  Easy round for Chas as we go to the 2nd…

Rd 2:  2nd round starts slower than the first.  Both fighters exchange some non-effective jabs.  Chas shoots in nicely for a double and sends West on a twirly-bird spin as he slams him to the ground.  West manages to scramble to his feet and both fighters lock up again in a clinch.  Nice sweep by Chas which ends with him taking the back of West.  Chas is waiting patiently as West tries to cover.  Both fighters are just reacting now, not taking much of the offense.  Just as I say that, West scrambles to the back of Chas, taking him to the ground.  Chas is doing a great job of covering as the round comes to an end.  Pretty slow round overall…going to 3…

Rd 3:  Round 3 starts with West throwing some crazy haymakers to the body, doing some damage to Chas.  Instead of taking more damage, Chas shoots in and successfully executes a nice takedown, taking the back yet again of West.  Chas flattens out West and begins to rain down left, right, left, right…Ref jumps in and stops the action…a bit early, but justified…

Winner:  Chas Liberty via TKO at 0:59 of 3rd round.

John Wible vs. Austin Franks 155lbs

John Wible Name Austin Franks
TCD Rank
155 Weight 155
2-0-0 Record 2-2-0
Submission Boxing Gym

When I hear Wible’s name I think of “wobble, wobble, shake it, shake it….”.  Sorry, just felt like expressing that…ok, here we go…Franks enters the cage, starring at Wible and shaking his head…there is no respect here.

Rd 1:  Franks charges forward, meeting Wible in the middle.  Franks lands a nice hook…Wible then wobbled but didn’t fall down.  Fighters scramble against the cage, with Franks still on the offense.  Wible is fully recovered from getting wobbled, trying to slam Franks.  Fighters stand against the cage, still in a clinch.  Wible is still trying to take Franks down, but is unsuccessful.  Franks takedown defense is very nice.  Action has slowed as the fighters are pressed against the cage, with Franks holding on to a standing guillotine.  It looks pretty tight, but Wible doesn’t seem in any trouble.  Pace has almost halted as they stay against the cage.  The bell sounds with Franks winning the round pretty easy.  Wible’s corner is doing some work on the knot above his right eye…

Rd 2:  2nd round starts then stops…BOTH fighters forget their mouthpiece…ha!!! Ok, we’re started again as Wible shoots in successfully but Franks has a TIGHT guillotine.  Wible escapes the guillotine but is doing nothing offensive.  Wible is stuck in the guard of Frank.  Ref is telling the fighters to do more action then stops the action…fighters stand again, then go back down in the same position, Wible in the guard of Franks but still doing nothing on offense.  Franks is trying a keylock submission then switching to a modified version of a kamura…this is crazy looking as the hammer sounds.  Not much action in this round…going to the 3rd…Franks in control definitely.

Rd 3:  Franks seem to be winning the fight so far as we start the 3rd.  Ref calls time as the glove of Franks need to be re-taped.  Action starts again with Franks landing some nice jabs followed by a great hook.  Wible shoots in again, ending up in the guard of Franks.  Sound familiar?  I feel like I’m watching a replay of the first round…I mean second round…Wible is laying and praying.  Ref stands the fighters up again, Wible shoots in very slowly but Franks does a nice job of stuffing and then taking the back of Wible…they transition back and forth with Wible going to mount then Franks reversing back to the guard of Wible.  Franks postures up and throws a few nice hooks as the hammer sounds.  Wible is visibly tired as the bell sounds.  Hard fight to call, but I am guessing it will go to Franks…we shall see…he definitely did the MOST damage in the fight, by far…Franks is looking very confident as they wait for the decision…

Winner: Austin Franks wins by unanimous decision

10 minute intermission…so don’t ask if the power is out Ms. Summerlin…

Hey Amy…we’re about to start again…just wanted to let you know…

Andrew Musquiz vs. Hossan Walker 155lbs

Andrew Musquiz Name Hossan Walker
TCD Rank
155 Weight 155
2-1-0 Record 2-1-0
Tooke MMA Gym One 2 One

Ok, let’s get this back going…Andrew is in the cage, waiting on Walker.  Not sure what the song is that Walker is coming out to, but it’s pretty freaky….

Rd 1:  Fighters meet in the middle, with BOTH looking very intense.  No glove touch as they clinch up and start SWINGING!!!  Both fighters just threw at least 20 hooks each, some landing, some not.  A scramble ensues and Walker ends up in the guard of Andrew.  Walker postures up and lands some really nice rights, then a few lefts.  The ref is getting close to stopping the action, but Andrew grabs and controls the head, stopping the onslaught.  Both fighters scramble back to their feet and it’s NOW Andrew in control as they go back to the ground.  Walker is trying a guillotine but Andrew escapes as both get back to their feet.  Fighters clinch against the cage as the hammer sounds.  Andrew has a small cut, but nothing serious as the bell sounds.  Both fighters seem really gassed as they walk back to the corners…

Rd 2:  Round 2 starts with a lot of action.  Andrew lands a couple of nice leg kicks then lands a really powerful head kick…so what does Walker do?  He steps back, slaps his face and laughs.  Mr. T has a CHIN!!! Fighters scramble against the cage, ending with Walker on his back and Andrew landing some nice body shots.  Walker is warned about grabbing the cage, but it did not create any advantage.  Andrew’s corner is calling for him to posture, but Walker is doing a great job of holding him down.  The crowd is chanting “DREW! DREW!” and he responds with more solid ground and pound.  Walker is trying to back-walk up the cage, but Andrew is controlling his hips nicely.  The bell sounds as both fighters pause to get their wind back.

One of these dudes needs a good bath, like a soaking one to get rid of the funk…just sayin…

Rd 3:  Round 3 starts a little slower, with a few exchanges and movement.  Andrew tries to jump guard but slips off and falls to the canvas.  He is smiling and calling for Walker to come down there with him, but Walker just turns and walks away, forcing Andrew to stand.  The fighters scramble and clinch against the cage, with Andrew on the offense.  Walker is trying to reverse, but is not successful.  Andrew lands a nice uppercut as they break, but Walker grabs and both go to the ground.  Walker stands up and walks away, again forcing Andrew to stand.  Andrew shoots in very nicely, going from a single leg to a double, ending with a great takedown.  He can’t secure it as Walker ends up reversing and ending in side control.  Both fighter are visibly exhausted as the hammer sounds, but Walker finds a second wind in 10 seconds and drops BOMBS….the bell sounds and the DJ fires up the song Bombs over Baghdad…fitting.

Going to the judges.  I’m guessing 2-1 in favor of Walker.  Really great fight by both guys, sucks that there has to be a loser…

Winner: Hossan Walker wins via Unanimous Decision

Colin Wright vs. David Armas 135lbs

Colin Wright Name David Armas
TCD Rank
135 Weight 135
2-0 Record 1-0-0
Paradigm Gym Silverback MMA

Out comes Team B3 fighter Colin Wright (shameless plug… followed by the crew from Paradigm.  Colin circles the cage, looking VERY intense with his black and red hawk.  The co-main event of the evening…both fighters are looking poised and ready to go…starring at each other, playing a little eye-chicken…

Rd 1:  Fighters meet in the middle, NO glove touch.  David charges in just as Colin throws a leg kick.  Inadvertent kick to the groin…and the REF takes away one point…no warning??? Armas moves forward, landing some nice hooks.  One right by Armas connects solid and drops Colin to one knee, but Colin recovers nicely and drops to a single leg.  Colin has Armas pressed against the cage, and transitions to his back, like a reverse bear-hug.  Pressed against the fence with Colin on the offense.  Ref steps in and halts the action, wanting more.  The fighters scramble, exchange a few punches then end back on the ground, with Colin in the half guard of Armas.  No real advantage for either fighter so far.  Colin transitions NICELY to mount with Armas scrambling.  Now a transition by Colin to take the back of Armas, but Armas is defending nicely.  The hammer sounds as Armas is stacking Colin on the ground.  AWESOME action as the bell sounds.  Due to the point deduction, I’m saying a 9-9 round, with Colin controlling the majority of the action, BUT Armas doing some punishment…tough to call…

Rd 2: Round 2 starts a lot slower, with both fighters waiting to throw…circling, we’re 20 seconds in before the first blow.  Fighters clinch against the cage with Colin on the offense.  Armas defends nice and escapes back to the center.  Colin jumps guard but is unsuccessful.  Armas is standing with Colin on his back…Armas is dropping down BOMBS right now, doing some damage.  Colin finds a way to escape and scramble back to the feet.  He seems to have recovered and now has the back of Armas as they lay against the cage.  Colin has a nice body triangle with his back against the cage.  Colin is landing nice hooks and goes for the RNC as the hammer sounds…he has it locked but Armas gives the thumbs-up saying he is ok.  The bell sounds on another AWESOME round of action…HARD to call…

Rd 3:  What a fight so far!!!  Round 3 starts with leg kicks and hooks by both fighters.  They scramble and end up on the ground, Colin securing another body triangle.  This is very hard to get out of and slowly sucks the air out.  Colin is throwing hooks to try and open up the chin, but Armas is doing a great job of controlling the wrists.  The action is slowing but Colin is still controlling the action with the body triangle.  Colin tries to advance to an armbar, has it LOCKED…OUCH!!!! Armas fights it off but Colin keeps it locked, forcing Armas to tap…

DEFINITELY FIGHT OF THE NIGHT CANDIDATE…What a great fight by BOTH fighters!!!!

Winner: Colin Wright 2:14 of 3rd round via armbar

We’re going to another intermission before the main event…

Guilherme Moreira vs Sean Holden 170lb Tiltle Fight

Guilherme Moreira Name Sean Holden
TCD Rank
170 Weight 170
2-0-0 Record 5-2-0
Tooke MMA Gym 2nd Chance Gym

What a great initial show by the entire Garcia Promotions group.  I expected several hiccups due to it being their first show, but this has been damn near perfect.  BIG props to Eric and the crew for a fantastic job.

Ok, here we go…I’m looking at Guilherme’s name thinking about how in the hell am I going to abbreviate, cause I’m not typing that each time.  By show of hands, do I go with “G” (which is what others know him as) or Gil?  By unanimous vote, I’m going with Gil…so for this main event, it will be Gil and Sean…so enjoy…

Rd 1:  This is going to be a great WAR.  Here we go….bell sounds and fighters touch in the middle.  Gil is looking to press the issue, clinching but taking a few shots from Sean.  Fighters scramble and end on the ground as Sean tries a hip throw.  Gil is in Sean’s guard, not a lot of action, both fighters going for position.  Sean works his hips up for a triangle but Gil fights it off and passes to side control very nicely.  Gil now has a modified crucifix and is landing several nice shots.  Sean tries to do a gringo-roll but Gil fights it off perfectly, ending in mount.  Sean does a nice job of defending and works Gil back to half guard, then to full guard.  Sean tries a guillotine but Gil pops right out.  The hammer sounds as the fighters scramble nicely.  A very technical round by both fighters.  I score it 10-9 Gil.

Rd 2:  Round 2 starts with Gil landing a nice inside leg kick then a STRONG right hook, pushing Sean backwards.  Gil follows with another leg kick, landing nice.  Sean goes in for the clinch and presses Gil against the cage.  Gil’s corner is yelling to circle and use his jab.  The fighters scramble, Gil landing some great shots but not doing significant damage.  The fighters scramble again, ending on the ground.  Gil does an impressive transition and ends in mount as the crowd comes to their feet.  Gil LOCKS an armbar but doesn’t have it all the way secure from what I can see.  Sean picks Gil up and slams him, but not getting out.  Gil moves his hips to try and secure it all the way and it allows Sean to escape.  GREAT cornering advice coming from the corner of Gil.  The hammer sounds as the fighters scramble for position and the bell sounds with Gil landing a couple of nice shots…going to 3rd…

Rd 3:  Round 3 starts with a nice, tender embrace by both fighters in the center…showing respect.  This title fight is only 3 rounds because Gil only has 2 fights.  Back to the action…Gil leads with a nice jab, setting up the double leg takedown.  Sean is working the rubber guard, BJ Penn style, but Gil is slowly passing his guard…and he’s passed, then works to full mount.  I’m VERY impressed with Gil’s transitions, doing the right thing at the exact time…again, nice work by Gil’s corner with the instruction.  Sean does a great job of escaping from mount, ending up in the guard of Gil.  Sean is posturing up, landing some great body shots and hammer fists.  Sean is doing a good job of controlling Gil’s body so he can’t get up.  The hammer sounds as Sean continues to posture but not successful.  The bell sounds without anyone landing anything significant in the last segment.

This was one of the most technical fights that I’ve seen in a LONG time.  These two warriors can keep their head high, regardless of the outcome.  Both are well deserving of a title shot.  Going to the judges…

Winner:  Guilherme Moreira via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

WHAT A GREAT SHOW!!!!!! Congrats to all of the winners and to all of Garcia Promotions for an awesome show!!!