Cage Combat 8 Recap and Quick Results

Written By: Barry Laminack
Photos By: Andy Hemingway

Eric Garcia said that he felt like Cage Combat 8 would be the best Cage Combat of them all. He was right. Cage Combat 8 was 14 fights of non-stop action. I don’t think there was one snoozer of fight that took place inside the Garcia Promotions fence.

Leroy Shafer (l) vs Carlos Jimines (r)

There was already a buzz in the air after Daniel Pineda and Andrew Craig both won their fights on the UFC on FX card a mere 2 hours before the CC8 show started. It didn’t take long for the action to get the crowd into it. The show opened with a slick submission win by Paradigm’s Edgar Juarez, followed by a tap to strikes victory for fellow Paradigm fighter Jason Friedman. Those two set the tone for the night.

Fight #4 of the night between Carlos Jiminez and Leroy Shafer was a back and forth fight that saw Jiminez get the win and announce he was going pro in the cage. The fight was the leader in the club house for fight of the night and would stay that way until James Deherrera and Cesar Del Angel would do battle. There is no other way to say it other than, these dudes threw the f**k down!

Cesar Del Angel (l) vs James Deherrera (r)

It was one of the most fun fights I’ve watched in a very long time, Deherrera would leave the winner, but both guys should be recognized for the outstanding fight they put on. The fight was with out a doubt our Made to Win Fight of the Night.

Our Made to Win KO of the Night was not with out some controversy. Lucas Orozco landed a right hook at the bell that sent Kolton Englund tumbling to the mat. As Englund tried to stand up, he stumbled and fell again forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight.

The last award that we handed out was for our Made to Win Submission of the Night, and while we admit there might be a touch of bias in it, name the last time a MEDIA guy got in the cage and

Gary Bolton (l) vs AJ Hoffman (r)

won a fight via submission? Well, that’s exactly what AJ Hoffman did. AJ (one of the owners of this here website) secured a standing guillotine against as his opponent, Gary Bolton, as Bolton shot in for a double. Hoffman locked in the choke and pulled Bolton into his guard to finish the move and force the tap, earning him his first win ever as a mixed martial artist.

In other bouts, Mike “The Truth” Jackson got back on the winning track after dominating Frank Salinas in an MMA fight turned boxing match. Jackson was the quicker fighter, getting off first for most of the fight. Jackson used his quick jab, nice footwork and slick head movement to out box Salinas. Most of us at ringside felt that Jackson had won the fight 30-27, however the judges scored the bout a split decision. Gotta love TDLR.

Lucas Orozco (r) drops Kolton Englund (l) at the bell.

The main event saw G Moriera put his Garcia Promotions 170lb title on the line against Geoff Neal out of Twin Wolves. Neal was able to use his wrestling and strength advantage to over power the highly skilled Moriera. The five round affair went the distance, but it was Neal who would come out the victor, giving Moriere his first loss of his young career. The victory earned Neal the strap and the rumor floating around after the fight was that Neal was going to turn pro.

All in all, Cage Combat 8 was, in fact, the best card Garcia Promotions has put on to date. It had great match-ups, high drama and tons of excitement. Congratulations to Eric Garcia, Jace Pitre and the whole crew on an outstanding night of amateur action in H-Town.

Jeremy Lieder (l) vs Levi West (r)

G. Moriera (l) vs Geoff Neal (r)


Quick Results

Edgar Juarez def. Keith Parson via Guillotine in Rd 1
Jason Friedman def. Brandon Hanna via submission due to strikes in Rd 1
Eric Thompson dev. Joe. Rivers via U.D. (30×27)
Carlos Jiminez def. Leroy Shafer via Split Dec. (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)
Jose Llanas def. Carver Bennet via TKO Rd 2
Kody Williams def. Brian Murphy via Split Dec. (30-27, 28-29,30-27)
AJ Hoffman def. Gary Bolton def. submission Rd 1
Ryan Hollis def. Matt Thompson via ArmBar submission Rd 1
Nico Echeverry def. Tony Biernesser via ArmBar in Rd 2.
James Deherrera def. Cesar Del Angel via U.D (29-28×3)
Lucas Orozco def. Kolton Englund via KO in Rd 1
Mike Jackson def. Frank Salinas via split dec. (28-29, 29-28,30-27)
Levi West def. Jeremy Lieder via U.D. (30×27 X3)
Geoff Neal def. G. Moreira via U.D.