Cage Combat 7 Weigh In Pics and Recap – OK Rant

Written by: Barry Laminack

The Cage Combat 7 weigh-ins are over and done and it’s time to get down to the fights! This is where I normally say “all fighters made weight” but to be honest, that just wasn’t the case. Many fighters came in over weight and I have to say it was kind of disturbing to see this trend, especially in the amateurs.

I might be wasting my breath here, but I feel like I need to say this.

If you are an amateur fighter and you are not taking your weight serious, shame on you. The amateurs are the times for you to get used to cutting and making the weight you plan to fight at, ESPECIALLY if you plan on going pro later. If you don’t take it serious now, you could be in for a shock when you go pro. Use your amateur career to prepare you for the pros. That goes for EVERY aspect of the fight game, from the preparation to the time in the cage.

I spoke with promoter Eric Garcia after the weigh-ins and he was just as shocked as I was.

I digress.

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Side Note – Nobody claimed our $20 G-String bounty, so we’ll try again in a few weeks at Legacy!

OK, enough of that, let’s get to the face-offs! See you guys and gals at the fights.

Joshua GeorgeVS. Brandon Gauthier

Trevon Giles VS. Andrew Rowan

Jake Ivey VS. Kendrick Holloway

Cesar Del Angel VS. Daniel Delgado

Jacob Silva VS. James Deherrera

Mario Martinez VS. John Haydon

Kolton Englund VS. Alex Melendez

Brandon Hanna VS. Yan Digilov

Geoffrey Neal VS. BC Compton

John “Chile” Rodriguez VS. Aaron Croon