Cage Combat 7 Recap

Written By: AJ Hoffman
Photos By: Andy Hemingway 

Another Cage Combat, another great night of amateur fighting. As usual everyone went out and put on a good show. Arguably the best part of the night, not a single fight in the crowd (that we saw) and the only real incident was a chick going all Spider Man on us to get in the cage to check on her man (we assume).

The king of the night was new 145 lb. champion Aaron Croon, who took on a very game John “Chile” Rodriguez in the main event. The first round had some good exchanges, but Croon scored a couple of takedowns and was likely up on the scorecards going into the second round. He wouldn’t need the judges. An early flurry of (the much improved) strikes from Aaron Croon and Rodriguez hit the mat out cold. The win got consideration for knockout of the night, but the title was more than enough for Croon.

“I plan on sleeping with this thing (the title belt) tonight. I may even get some action in with the wife while I wear this thing,” Croon told TCD during our live broadcast of the fights.

Congrats to Aaron for the big victory.

In the Made To Win Fight of the Night Silverback standout Jacob Silva was once again victorious, this time getting a third round stoppage win over James DeHerrera. The first round had Silva on top and landing big shots. Silva came out sloppy in the second and got dropped, and DeHerrera spent the entire round trying to submit Silva. Silva survived though, and got the best of the striking in the third round, eventually dropping and finishing DeHerrera.

The Made To Win Knockout of the Night went to Geoff Neal, and it came less than a minute into the fight. Neal landed a shot that dropped BC Compton, and followed up with two or three vicious punches on the ground before the ref could stop it. We knew the KO was vicious when the lady jumped over the guard rail and over the side of the cage to get in and check on BC. Either way, brutal KO for Geoff Neal.

The Made To Win Submission of the Night went to Brandon Hanna, who was able to finish Yan Digilov with a triangle choke. Digilov was landing solid strikes from the top to a bloodied Hanna, but Hanna finally pulled the arm across and forced Digilov to tap.


Brandon Gauthier def. Joshua George by unanimous decision

Trevon Giles def. Andrew Rowan by submission (Rear naked choke- RD 1)

Kendrick Holloway def. Jake Ivey by TKO (strikes- RD 1)

Cesar Del Angel def. Daniel Delgado by unanimous decision

Jacob Silva def. James DeHerrera by TKO (strikes- RD 3)

Mario Martinez def. John Haydon by TKO (strikes- RD 3)

Kolton Englund def. Alex Melendez by TKO (strikes- RD 1)

Brandon Hanna def. Yan Digilov by submission (triangle choke- RD 1)

Geoff Neal def. BC Compton by KO (punches- RD 1)

Aaron Croon def. John Rodriguez by KO (punches- RD2)