Cage Combat 7: Live Audio Play By Play and Results

Title: Cage Combat 7
Location: Humble Civic Center
Date: January 6, 2012

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James DeHerrera vs Jacob Silva
Geoff Neal
Brandon Hanna

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145 lbs.

Rd1: Both guys come out wildly. Gauthier lands heavy and George starts pushing uppercuts underneath. Gauthier pushes it to the cage. Ref breaks them for an inside knee. Gauthier gets double underhooks and body locks him down. George looks for a guillotine. He uses it to get up. More wild standup exchanges. Gauthier has George’s back to the cage. George spins off but Gauthier recovers quickly. Uppercuts coming from George. Gauthier looks for a takedown. Good defense by George. Ref resets them with 10 seconds left and they both swing wildly for the last ten seconds. Great action in the first round. 10-9 Gauthier.

Rd2: Gauthier comes out with a kick and a one-two. George grabs a clinch and lands good knees. Gauthier lands a knee from a tie-up. Gauthier again gets a takedown and starts pounding the body. He is in side control but George recovers a half guard. Gauthier spins around for a rear naked. He doesn’t have hooks but turns into a mount. He lands some shots but George gets up. Gauthier presses him against the cage as the round ends.

Rd3: Gauthier pushes in to start the round and has George against the fence. More knees from Gauthier. He is leaning heavy on George. The ref restarts them. Gauthier immediately clinches up again and pushes right back against the fence. Knee from George. Gauthier ripping with knees. George can’t get him off. He controlled the fight that way. 10-9 Gauthier. Should be 30-27.

WINNER: Brandon Gauthier def. Joshua George by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

205 lbs.

Rd1: Rowan starts with a leg kick. He comes in with a big right hand and they lock up. Giles with a knee to the body. Giles spins with a belly to belly and is on top. Giles works to mount then to the back. Knee to the body from Giles. Again. Giles locks on a rear naked choke. He spins Rowan away from the fence and forces the tap. Impressive show by Giles.



WINNER: Trevon Giles def. Andrew Rowan by submission (RD 1)

Rd1: Kendrick lands big hands early on. Ivey is down and Holloway is unleashing. He lands in mount and Ivey golds him tight. Holloway works to the back and is letting his hands go. Ref stands them up for shots to the back of the head. The restart is more of the same. Ivey goes down in a flurry and starts getting pounded. Ref stops it. Holloway with the finish.



WINNER: Kendrick Holloway def. Jake Ivey by TKO (RD 1)

Rd1: Delgado comes out kicking and landing. Del Angel stays calm and throws a head kick of his own. Leg kick from Del Angel. Body kick from Delgado lands. He kicks high but it’s checked. Del Angel lands a right. Body kick from Del Angel. Body kick from Delgado lands LOUDLY. Good inside leg kick from Delgado. Delgado gets a takedown. He works to his back and starts pounding the body. He punches the leg. Delgado finishes the round that way and takes it 10-9.

Rd2: Kicks land for Del Angel early. Delgado returns. Strong leg kick from Del Angel. Delgado lands a hard right but falls. Del Angel lands from the top but Delgado gets guard. Delgado works his way up. Del Angel looking for a takedown. Delgado lands a hard right on the break. Spinning back fist from Delgado but Del Angel gets a takedown and lands on top. Round ends. Good round. 10-9 Del Angel.

Rd3: Body kick from Delgado. Del Angel misses a right hand, barely. Del Angel lands a kick low. They break but Delgado wants to go. Delgado goes for a takedown and gets it. He goes for an arm-in but loses it and Del Angel is on top. He takes the back but Delgado defends the hooks and turns into guard. Good pass from Delgado and he is back up. Another takedown quickly from Del Angel. Again Del Angel works to the back. He gives it up to knee the body. Del Angel lands a punch to the head as the round ends. 10-9 Del Angel.

WINNER: Cesar Del Angel def. Ricardo Delgado by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

We will be LIVE AUDIO BROADCASTING the final 6 fights on the card! The player below will say “LIVE” when we have started broadcasting.
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WINNER: Jacob Silva def. James Deherrera via TKO at 1:54 in Rd 3. 

WINNER: Mario Martinez def. John Haybon via TKO at :06 in Rd 3

WINNER: Kolton Englund def. Alex Melendez via TKO at 1:53 in Rd 1

WINNER: Brandon Hanna def. Yan Digilov via Triangle Choke at 2:56 in Rd 1

WINNER: Geoff Neal def. BC Compton via KO at : 47 seconds in RD 1

WINNER: Aaron Croon def. John Rodriguez KO in Rd 2