Breaking News: Updated Cage Combat 7 Card

The latest card from Garcia Promotions looks outstanding. Cage Combat 7 is set for January 6th in the Humble Civic Center. Right now there are 15 fights on the card, and as with all amateur cards we can expect to lose a few, but most of these are matchups that I am hopeful make it onto the card. As always, the card is pending TDLR approval.

 John “Chile” Rodriguez (Silverback) VS. Aaron Croon (Team Tooke) – 145 TITLE
Geoffrey Neal (Twin Wolves) VS. Chris Lopez (Team Tooke) – 155 TITLE
Rob Wood (Lovato BJJ) VS. Levi West (Team Tooke) – 170
Mario Martinez (SBA) VS. John Haydon (Kingwood MMA) – 155
James Deherrera (Team Unleashed) VS. VS. Jacob Silva (Silverback) – 125
Frank Salinas (SBA) VS. Mike Jackson (4oz) – 155
Yan Digalov (Paradigm) VS. Brandon Hanna (Team Unleashed) – 145
Alex Melendez (Dallas Jawbreakers) VS. Kolton Englund (RSKA/Silverback) – 155
Daniel Delgado (Paradigm) VS. Josh Cooper (ATT Beaumont) – 135
Roberto Herrera (GB Woodlands) VS. Brandon Gauthier (Team Tooke) – 145
Chris Sutton (GB Katy) VS. Eric Thompson (Silverback) -185lbs
Joshua George (Ground Dwellers) VS. Cameron Graves (Team Tooke) – 145
Matt Steward (BVMMA) VS. Ricky Ruthstrom (Formless Fight Co) – 205
Andrew Rowan (Windy MMA) VS. Trevon Giles (Elite MMA) – 205
Jason Friedman (Paradigm) VS. Kendrick Holloway (Team Tooke) – 170