Breaking News: Moreira-Neal To Headline Cage Combat 8 has learned that Team Tooke’s G Moreira will defend his welterweight title against Geoff Neal from Twin Wolves MMA at Cage Combat 8 on March 2nd. Moreira has a record 6-0 and Neal is 7-1, with his lone blemish a split decision loss to Levi West at Cage Combat 6 in November. Promoter Eric Garcia is excited to have such a big fight on his card. “This will definitely be G’s last ammy fight before hitting the pro circuit,” Garcia said. “I’m pretty sure that it will be Geoff Neal’s last ammy fight too.”

This fight, which will be one of the most anticipated amateur fights in Houston history, is added to an already stacked card.

1. Joel Rivera VS. Eric Thompson (Silverback) – 185
2. Chris Tornero (SLMMA) VS. Yan Digalov (Paradigm) – 145
3. Keith Parsons (River City MMA) VS. Brandon Gauthier (Team Tooke) – 145
4. Leroy Shafer (Silverback) VS. Carlos Jimenez (4oz) – 135
5. Carver Bennett (BVMMA) VS. Jose Llanas (Team Tooke) – 170
6. Jacob Silva (Silverback) VS. Matt Thompson (BVMMA) – 125
7. Tony Biernesser (Rock Star MMA) VS. Kendrick Holloway (Team Tooke) – 170
8. Jason Friedman (Paradigm) VS. Jeremy Hunter (4oz) – 155
9. Randy McCullough (Windy) VS. Daniel Delgado (Paradigm) – 135
10. Eric Caminos (ACS) VS. Edgar Juarez (Paradigm) – 150
11. Tony Orozco Jr. (Silverback) VS. Cesar Del Angel (K.O. Club) – 135
12. Tina Gomez (SBA) VS. TBA – 120
13. Ricardo Perez (SBA) VS. Jeremy Lieder (Ground Dwellers) – 170
14. James Deherrera (Team Unleashed) VS. Alexis Chavarria (Kru Pong) – 125
15. Rapheal Plata (SBA) VS. TBA – 180
16. John Haydon (Kingwood MMA) VS. John Wible (SBA) – 155
17. Frank Salinas (SBA) VS. Mike Jackson (4oz) – 155
18. Ryan Rivera (FCFA/Paragon BJJ) VS. Mario Martinez (SBA) – 155
19. Kolton Englund (Silverback) VS. Lucas Orosco (BVMMA) – 155
20. Andrew Musquiz (Team Tooke) VS. Leville Simpson (Twin Wolves) – 155
21. G Moreira (Team Tooke) VS. Geoff Neal (Twin Wolves)- 170 lb. Title