4oz No-Gi Submission Tournament

Written By: Barry Laminack

On Saturday, June 11, 4oz Fight Club held a No-Gi submission grappling tournament. Many local Houston MMA vets turned out to roll in this round robin tournament, including Bubba Bush, Pat Bierschwale, Terrance Ferguson, Craig Gardner, Steve Garcia, Joe Trevino, Rakim Cleveland, Mike “The Truth” Jackson and more. Surprise of the tournament was Ashley DeLeon. This female cleaned out the 145lb and under MENS Beg/Ammy division!

With no point system in place, the only way to win a match was via submission. A  win would earn you 2 points, a draw would earn you 1 point and a loss would not earn you any points. The winner of each division would be the player with the most points. Divisions were set using MMA weight classes, but in some cases divisions were consolidated (such as 155lb Pro was actually 155lbs and under).

4oz Fight Club won the team trophy, edging out BVMMA by just 3 points.

“We plan on doing this tournament every other month, so it will only get better as we go,” tournament organizer (and 4oz co-owner) Jeremy Mahon said of the event.

He added, “I’d love to get as many fighters to participate as possible. I want this tournament to be known as the fighters tournament.”


Team Winner

4oz Fight Club

145lb and under

Beginner – Amateur: Ashley DeLeon (4oz Fight Club) *


Beginner: Modesto Rodriguez (1mma)

Pro: Steve Garcia (4oz Fight Club)


Beginner: Carver Bennet (BVMMA)

Amateur – Pro: Kevin Thomas (4oz Fight Club)


Beginner – Pro: Craig Gardner (Gracie Barra Katy)


Beginner – Pro: Bubba Bush (BVMMA)


Beginner – Pro: Matt Steward (BVMMA)


Rakim Cleveland (4oz Fight Club)

* (female who won mens division)


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