ATAMA Open Super Fight ReCap


Recap by: Richard Burmaster

Tonight we had the pleasure of attending the ATAMA super fight featuring Gracie Barra’s Marcelo Azevedo Vs. Elite MMA’s Frost Murphy at the Legends Sports Complex, in the Woodlands. The fight was a great technical battle that was controlled from the opening moments by Marcelo Azevedo. With legendary BJJ instructor Draculino yelling instructions to him, Azevedo worked his way to full mount on Frost in just a few minutes and even attempted a triangle from the top position. While Frost was unable to push much offense, his defense was very crisp, and he was able to keep Azevedo from capitalizing on his superior positions. Marcelo was able to attain side control many times through out this 10 minute battle, but he was unable to finish Frost. As the time expired, Frost tried what appeared to be a triangle but was unable to complete the maneuver. Azevado was declared the winner on points by the judges. While this was not a very exciting battle for your typical MMA fan, for anyone who is studying the art of Jiu Jitsu it was a highly competitive display of technique that should have been appreciated for the level of skill both competitors showed.

ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0558 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0554 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0562 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0580

ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0583 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0586 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0588 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0591

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ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0598 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0601 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0602 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0603

ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0604 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0605 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0608 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0609

ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0610 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0611 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0615 ATAMA_SuperFight_IMG_0617