The 2011 Houston MMA Awards Announcement and Nominees

Written By: Barry Laminack

We here at are all very excited to announce our 2011 Houston MMA Awards (well re-announce; we officially announced them on our podcast). As you may recall, last year we did the 2010 Houston MMA awards online. Turn-out was outstanding and we had a great time introducing the awards to H-Town.

This year, we wanted to take it to the next level, so we have decided to hold a live event for our 2011 Houston MMA Awards.

The show will be held at Big Woodrows!


Tickets are limited so hurry! Once they are gone, they are gone!

Just like last year we have 3 main categories of awards in 2011: Community, Amateur and Pro.

We are also using the same voting criteria that we did last year:

  • The community awards will be decided by a popular vote from the Houston MMA community.
  • The Pro and Amateur awards will be decided by a combination of a community vote and the vote of our media panel.
  • The finalist for pro and ammy rookie and fighters of the year will be decided by a formula. Our panel will then vote on the finalist.

All voting will take place here on Voting will begin soon and end on Jan 22, 2012 at midnight.

And now…

Community Awards Nominees

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Moment of the Year

Adam Schindler makes Bellator Featherweight Tournament
Bob Perez and Jennifer Josey Get Married at Legacy FC 6
Carlo Prater signs with the UFC
Legacy Make Debut on HDNet
Lee Higgins fights Ryan Couture in Strikeforce
Brian Melancon, Mike Bronzoulis and Todd Moore sign with Strikeforce
UFC 136 and Fan Expo come to Houston

Upset of the Year

Evert Gutierrez (NR) def. Corey Almand (#3)
Ramiro Cortino (NR) def Manny Lozoya (#4)
Monica Earnshaw def. Kristy Kester
Justin Reiswerg (NR) def. Rey Trujillo (#5)
Patrick Hutton (NR) def. Pat Bierschwhale (#5)
Jonathan Harris (NR) def. John Malbrough (#6)
Jonathan Mackles def. Chad Robichaux (#7)
Cody Williams (NR) def. Gerzan Chaw (#8)

Ring Card Girl of the Year

Ashley Murray
Angelica Hernandez
Brittany Murphy
Jenna Johnson
Raquel Raquel
Shari’ Morgan
Tiffany Saint

Community Service Award

Chad Robichaux
Chop Rucker
Chris Reed
Forst Murphy
Mick Maynard
Ricardo Talavera

Amateur Card of the Year

Legacy Amateur Series 1 Feb 18, 2011
Cage Combat 2 – Mar 4, 2011
Cage Combat 3 – May 6, 2011
Legacy Amateur Series 2 May 14, 2011
Cage Combat 4 – July 1, 2011
Legacy Amateur Series 3 July 29, 2011
Cage Combat 5 – Sept 2, 2011
Legacy Amateur Series 4 Oct 22, 2011
Cage Combat 6 – Nov 4, 2011
Elite Amateur Combat 1 – Dec. 2, 2011

Pro Card of the Year

Legacy FC 5 – Jan 29, 2011
IXFA 6 – Feb 26, 2011
Legacy FC 6 – April 9, 2011
IXFA 7 – April 23, 2011
Legacy FC 7 – July 22, 2011
IMKF 1 – September 3, 2011
Legacy FC 8 – Sept 16, 2011
Legacy FC 9 – Dec 16, 2011

Amateur Awards Nominees

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Submission of the Year

Evert Gutierrez – RNC rd 1 vs Corey Allmand
Aaron Croon Rd 1 vs James Gonzalez (<10 seconds left)
Randy McCullough Rd 1 RNC vs Daniel Snyder
Tucker Dierksheide – guillotine on John “Chile” Rodriguez (Rd 1)
Charley Witbeck – RNC Rd 1 vs Zach Scalf
Roberto Sanchez – Darce Rd 2 vs Casey Jones
Joe Trevino Rd 1 RNC vs Jacob Silva
Charles Lloyd RNC 1:18 Rd 3 vs Omar Khosravi
Rob Wood arm triangle :46 in Rd 1 vs Joel Rivera
Brandon Hanna – Armbar Rd 1 vs Edgar Juarez

Knockout of the Year

Luis Ibarra’s headkick KO vs Brandon Boyd (:49 rd 1)
G. Moreira KO (punches) vs Santos Rosales (1:53 rd 1)
Nathan Flack KO (punches) vs Daniel Everitt (1:02 rd 1)
Ricky Turcious TKO vs Edwin Espaillat (rd 1)
G Moreira vs Jared Perez (rd 2)
Jonathan Stern TKO vs Zach McKay(rd 1)
Kenny Issac KO (punches) vs Joel Haesacke (rd 1)
Jose Gomez TKO vs Luis Lerma (Rd 2)

Fight of the Year

Joe Trevino vs Jacob Silva
Levi West and Chas Liberty
John Hayden vs Alex Fernandez
Ricky Turcios vs Hugo De Le Fuenta
David Armas vs. Andrew Muzquiz
Kristy Kester vs. Monica Earnshaw
Colin Wright vs Tony Orozco Jr.
Nico Echeverry vs Adrian Yanez
James Deherrera VS. Carlos Jimenez
Andrew Musquiz vs Nelson Rodriguez

Pro Awards Nominees

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Submission of the Year

Justin Reiswerg at 1:08 in Rd 3 via Arm Bar vs Rey Trujillo
Andrew Craig Rd 2 via Triangle vs Jon Kirk
Justin Ledet :26 into Rd 1 via Guillotine vs Lex Pappas
Jonathan Mackles :35 in Rd 1 vs Chad Robichaux
Matthew Thompson Triangle vs Jon Kirk Rd 1
Steven Peterson Rd 1 vs Steve Garcia Guillotine
Jeff Rexroad Arm Bar Rd 3 vs Larry Crowe

Knockout of the Year

Angel Huerta at :51 in Rd 3 via Head Kick
Marc Ramirez 1:33 Rd 1 vs Cody Hofstatter
Daniel Pineda vs Ray Blodgett at :58 in Rd 1
Pete Spratt :25 Rd 1 vs Antonio Flores
Derrick Lewis Rd 1 vs Jay Peche
Larry Crowe Head Kick KO vs Ike Villaneuva in Rd 2
Daniel Pineda spinning backfist vs Gilbert Jiminez Rd 2

Fight of the Year

Ricardo Talavera vs Jeff Rexroad
Shawn Machado vs Tony Orozco
Tim Snyder vs Alex Black
Cody Williams vs Gerzan Chaw
Justin Reiswerg vs Marc Ramirez
Noel Ligon vs Edgar Verdin
Andrew Craig vs Eric Schambari
Larry Crowe vs. Jeff Rexroad

Fighters of the Year

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Amateur Rookie of the Year

Coming Soon!

Amateur Fighter of the Year

Coming Soon!

Pro Rookie of the Year

Coming Soon!

Pro Fighter of the Year

Coming Soon!