2010 Houston MMA Pro Awards WINNERS

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Our 2010 Houston MMA Pro Awards are sponsored by Punk Star Industries. Each fighter that wins in this category will receive a $25 gift certificate that can be used in the Punk Star Industries online store (located here) or redeemed at their booth at the next IXFA show on Feb. 26.

The winners of Fight of the Year, Submission of the Year and Knock Out of the Year were determined by the combination of an online vote open to everyone and the vote of a non-biased, media only panel.

The winner of the Rookie of the Year award was determined by a formula/points system that takes into account fighter activity, wins/losses, opponent rank, and titles won/defended.  Points are awarded (or subtracted where applicable) for each milestone reached by each fighter during the year.  To be eligible for Rookie of the Year, a fighter must have made his PRO debut in in 2010.

The point system used was:

Compete in a fight + .5 pts
Win a fight + 1 pt
Lose a fight – 1 pt
Win Award* +1
Beat a ranked opp. +(Opp Rank * .10)
Beat a P4P ranked opp. +1
Win or defend a title +1

* Awards are Fight of the Night, Submission of the Nigh or KO of the Night.

Pro Awards Winners

sponsored by Punk Star Industries

Submission of the Year

Greg Bellomy’s Anaconda Choke
(Legacy FC March 20)


Knock Out of the Year

Johnathan Harris’ 5 sec. KO via Knee
(Legacy FC July 31)


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Fight of the Year

Adam Schindler vs Marc Ramirez
(IXFA December 4th)


Rookie of the Year

Derrick Lewis – Silverback MMA

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