2010 Houston MMA Amateur Awards Nominees

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2010 has been a great year for Houston MMA, so it is with great pleasure that we announce the finalist for our first ever awards, the 2010 Houston MMA Awards, sponsored by Furia Fightwear.  This year there are 4 major categories of awards: Pro Awards, Amateur Awards, Community Awards and Fighter of the year (pro and amateur).

What follows below are the amateur award nominees, sponsored by Clean by Troy Garza. Each fighter that wins in this category will receive a Clean Bloodline T-Shirt and a Clean dog tag.  Nominees for these awards are comprised of all of our live coverage award winners for each show through out the year.

The winners of Fight of the Year, Submission of the Year and Knock Out of the Year will be determined by the combination of an online vote open to everyone and the vote of a 10 member, non-biased media only panel.

The winner of the Rookie of the Year award will be determined by a formula that takes into account fighter activity, wins/losses, opponent rank, titles won, and other factors (the complete formula will be published at the time the award winner is announced).  To be eligible for Rookie of the Year, a fighter must have made his AMATEUR debut in in 2010 (it does not matter if he went pro later).


Amateur Awards Nominees
sponsored by Clean by Troy Garza

Fight of the Year Candidates
Jimenez vs Chaw
(Lonestar Beatdown 01/30)
Phillips vs Black
(Legacy Muay Thai 04/02)
Morales vs Needum
(Fight 2 Win 04/24)
Chaw vs Chaffee
(Lonestar Beatdown 05/14)
Morono vs Phillips
(Legacy Muay Thai 06/11)
Lytle vs Siyanbola
(Lonestar Beatdown 09/18)
West vs Mongoni
(Lonestar Beatdown 10/08)
Wright vs Armas
(Cage Combat 1 12/02)
Submission of the Year Candidates
Corey Allmand
(Arm Bar 01/30)
Shelby Sheehan
(Guillotine 04/24)
Drew Raticheck
(RNC 05/13)
Colin Wright
(Arm Bar 09/18)
Corey Allmand
(Guillotine 10/08)
Colin Wright
(Arm Bar 12/02)

Knockout of the Year Candidates
Ola Siyanbola
(Head Kick 05/14)
Ellis Boyd
(Punches 09/18)
Doug Ferimer
(Punches 10/08)
James Gonzalez
(Punches 12/02)
Rookie of the Year
To Be Determined

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